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Window Vacuum Cleaner Test

Find the best window vacuum cleaner!

Cleaning windows is a tiresome topic. Even if cleaning the windows in private households does not occur too often, it is often more trouble than one would like. In our window vacuum cleaner test, we have therefore made it our task to take a closer look at the various models on the market. In our endeavour to find only the best products, we set the highest standards for the respective device in our window vacuum test. The aim is to help the prospective customer to choose the best individual window vacuum cleaner through comparisons and tests.

The classic way of cleaning windows

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Window cleaner test – Old-fashioned cleaning is often unpopular.

It is best to clean windows on a dry, not too sunny day. Otherwise the sun will cause the water to evaporate too quickly. Before getting started, cobwebs should be removed and, if present, the window sill and blinds should be freed from coarse dirt with a broom.

Then fill a cleaning solution into a bucket. All-purpose or universal cleaners, neutral cleaners or glass cleaners can be used for this purpose. However, the sensitivity of the material must be taken into account beforehand. Wooden frames, for example, should not have to suffer from an aggressive all-purpose cleaner.

You will also need a cloth for cleaning and one for polishing. Suitable cloths are absorbent and lint-free (e.g. microfibre cloths, chamois leather, rayon). In addition, depending on the accessibility of the windows, a step or ladder must be used. It is also important to consider whether the floor can take water damage, as is the case with parquet and laminate. If this is the case, special care must be taken and the floor should be covered.

In the first step, the window handles and the window frames are cleaned. Then wipe the windows with a cloth soaked in cleaning solution. If the soiling is particularly stubborn, it may be useful to soak the windows in cleaning solution beforehand.

Finally, the windows can be rinsed with clear water and removed. How the windows are removed depends on the situation. If you are standing on a ladder, for example, it makes more sense to peel from right to left than from top to bottom.

Furthermore, the end of a peeled-off strip should always be dried with a cloth, otherwise unsightly stripes would appear.

With the help of a window vacuum cleaner, this whole procedure is much faster, more relaxed and usually more satisfying.


WRemedy with window vacuum cleaners – cleaning windows made easy!

Fensterreiniger im Test

Window cleaner test – Window vacuums provide comfort and relaxation.

With a window vacuum cleaner, water and dirt on a window pane are not only removed, but also sucked up and stored in a container. Whereas the usual cleaning process often leaves streaks due to remaining dirty water, this dirty water is removed completely with window vacuums.

Window vacuums are electrically powered by a rechargeable battery. Due to their compactness, they are mobile and can be used flexibly without cables. This means they can be operated comfortably and conveniently by hand. The water on the window pane is removed with a rubber lip and, unlike normal extractors, is sucked directly into a container so that no water drips to the floor.

Depending on the suction intensity and the size of the container, this container must be emptied at regular intervals. Before using the device, however, you should remove the coarse dirt from the surfaces. A spray bottle and a microfibre cloth are usually included in the delivery.

In our window vacuum cleaner test, you will also find great devices that can remove different glass textures and have no problems with curved glass, such as in shower cabins.



Why you should use a window vacuum cleaner – Window Vacuum Cleaner Test

Window vacuums became so popular because they do not leave streaks, as is often the case with other cleaning products. A window or mirror only looks clean when the oils and dirt have been removed. On the other hand, if there is streak residue on the glass, it can be a bit of an eyesore.

Besides, you don’t want your glass surfaces to just look clean, you want them to be disinfected and completely free of germs. The window cleaners listed above were able to ensure this in some window vacuum tests.

While ammonia can kill many germs, such as salmonella and E. coli, it is still not a fully comprehensive disinfectant. Even when combined with isopropyl alcohol, it is not an effective defence against staph and other dangerous bacteria.

Other chemicals commonly used in glass cleaners offer more protection against germs, but can cause skin and respiratory irritation if not used properly. Vinegar is a great natural antibacterial disinfectant, but many find the odour offensive less than beguiling. Moreover, sometimes there is simply not enough time to clean by hand with such agents.


Areas of application for window vacuums – Window vacuum test

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A window vacuum cleaner makes work easier and can be used in many different areas. Besides Besides the classic use for windows, mirrors and glass tables, they can also be used excellently in shower cabins and on wet tiles. The respective operating instructions of the devices usually contain information on how much water the vacuum cleaner can still be used with and how water load can lead to overloading.

Window vacuums offer prevention against mould and foul odours with their features. Often, window vacuums can be used to clean areas that are difficult to clean and that previously could only be kept clean and streak-free with great effort, if at all. Furthermore, conservatories and glass showcases can also be cleaned excellently with window vacuums.

In addition, the devices can be adapted to different conditions with various accessories. While some window vacuums are already equipped with a spray bottle for the cleaning agent and a cover, there are also telescopic poles for more distant surfaces, spacers and various pull-off lips.


Advantages of window vacuums

  • Streak-free cleaning
  • Easy handling
  • Enormous time saving
  • No drops
  • Low weight
  • No wet hands
  • No problems with dirty water
  • Hygienic


When not to use a window vacuum cleaner – Window Vacuum Cleaner Test

Window vacuums are excellent products for cleaning certain surfaces around the house. In certain cases, however, they should explicitly not be used. Examples of this are tinted glass or also some surfaces on automobiles.

If you use special glass cleaners, this may of course be possible.

Television sets and computer monitors should also not be wetted with normal glass cleaners.  Modern screens consist of thin layers of plastics, adhesives, display elements and other materials that can be damaged very quickly.

Many window vacuum cleaner tests show: once the protective layers have been penetrated by the cleaner, the device is ruined. A dry microfibre cloth should be able to remove dirt and fingerprints from a modern monitor or display.

Furthermore, you should not try to remove your glasses in the meantime. These are also covered with a protective layer that can be scratched off.

Disadvantages of window vacuums

  • Partially long battery charging times
  • Battery life can vary greatly

What does a good window vacuum cleaner cost?

A good window cleaner costs at least 30 Pounds. Cheaper devices only functioned inadequately in the window cleaner test.

Which window vacuum cleaner to buy?

Based on the findings of the window cleaner test, we recommend using window cleaners from well-known manufacturers such as Kärcher, Leifheit or Vileda. Cheap Chinese products, some of which cost 20 € or less, failed the window cleaner test. If you demand durability paired with functionality, such window vacuums will only annoy you. Our test winner is the Kärcher WV 5.

Where to buy a window vacuum cleaner?

The online retailer Amazon offers the largest selection of window vacuums. The service is first-class, the shipping conditions extremely low, the shipping lightning fast and the payment secure. We recommend Amazon in our window vacuum test because the platform is one of the most trusted shops worldwide.

The best way to clean your windows – window vacuum test

The products that professional window cleaners use are usually only suitable for large objects. Stains and fingerprints are usually caused by the residue of grease and oil. Professional cleaners then use techniques that create enormous water residues after every movement. The excess water has to run off somewhere and then usually ends up inevitably on window sills and floors. While not critical on the exterior facades of commercial buildings, this causes trouble within one’s own four walls.

So the excess liquid has to be collected inside the house. This is where some substances or even a window vacuum come into play.

In many window vacuum cleaner tests, the problem is described that paper towels are not ideal for cleaning windows. They are made with dyes and adhesives that bind the individual layers together. These substances can leave streaks just like your own fingers. In addition, paper towels also leave behind lint.

Some people swear by using newspaper to clean windows. Streaks can indeed be eliminated very well with it, but it unfortunately lacks absorbency. This means you have to wipe it off with another cloth first.

Microfibre cloths are easy to use and reliable in loosening dirt, absorbing liquid and do not leave streaks or other residues. Microfibre cloths are constructed with a synthetic blend of polyester and polyamide. The fibres are extremely small and the diameter is about the same as a human hair. This makes them soft, durable and absorbent – perfect not only for cleaning your windows, but for almost anything.

Now that you have chosen a window vacuum and/or a microfibre cloth, the next step is to use the right cleaning method. Also, don’t forget that the weather can have a significant impact on your results. Almost all window vacuum tests have found cleaning windows on a hot and sunny day always ends up leaving streaks – no matter what type of technique or product you use. The sun dries the liquid on the glass before you are able to wash it clean. You should accordingly do the procedure on a cloudy day or at dusk.

  • Aim the detergent at the glass 15 cm away from the slide.
  • Spray directly onto the glass
  • Spray evenly, in horizontal rows and 6 cm away, so that the detergent is distributed over the surface
  • Either vacuum comfortably and quickly with a window vacuum cleaner or use a microfibre cloth
  • With the microfibre cloth, you should wipe slowly from left to right, using gentle to lightly moderate pressure
  • In the 2nd pass, complete a movement from the top of the glass to the bottom edge at the base, using a little more pressure to absorb any remaining liquids
  • Finally, use a clean and dry microfibre cloth to remove the last residues

You can also clean these surfaces with a window vacuum cleaner and glass cleaner

Window vacuum cleaner tests show that window cleaners are perfect for cleaning windows and glass surfaces. However, there are several other possible uses:

  • Kitchen appliance surfaces
  • Door knobs
  • Bath tubs
  • Cooker bonnets
  • Certain jewellery

Other surfaces, such as granite, marble, laminate, as well as tiles can be cleaned conditionally with a window vacuum. The same properties for removing oily stains from mirrors can also be used with window vacuums on kitchen appliances such as mixers and coffee machines.

Furthermore, although stains from fabrics and carpet cannot be removed with a window vacuum cleaner, a good glass cleaner will suffice.

A simple glass cleaner is also sufficient for jewellery. Sterling silver and diamonds can truly be made to sparkle and shine with such a cleaner.

Finally, you can even use your cleaner to fight insects. Left in a small corner in the kitchen, it will attract unwanted visitors.

This is how testing should be done

Cleaning quality

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Probably the most important assessment criterion is the cleaning performance of a window vacuum cleaner. If a device does not clean streak-free or otherwise does not achieve the desired result, it should be returned. Good window vacuums provide respectable cleaning results after the first 1-2 strokes over the surface.

However, one should also bear in mind that unsatisfactory quality can also be due to a worn-out squeegee lip. In addition, individual mistakes can be made in the correct application of the angle.

Thus, in the window vacuum cleaner test, apparently wallflowers suddenly became impeccable utilitarian devices. For optimal handling, you should read the corresponding operating instructions.


When buying a window vacuum cleaner, special attention should be paid to a perfectly functioning battery. Since the devices are quite lightweight for sufficient comfort during work, a correspondingly light and small battery usually does not last longer than 30 minutes. During this time, the device must therefore perform, because otherwise even cleaning with a window vacuum cleaner can become a tedious ordeal.

In addition to a solid battery and a low weight, the suction nozzle should suck up the water with sufficient vehemence. Finally, the device should of course be manufactured in such a way that there is no risk of injury from it, e.g. from protruding edges.


To keep the effort during cleaning as low as possible, a window vacuum cleaner should be light and easy to grip. Comfortable models weigh 800 g or less. Furthermore, the noise level should not be too loud.


The best window vacuum cleaner manufacturers – Window vacuum cleaner test


Kärcher, a family-owned company from Baden-Württemberg, is the world market leader for cleaning equipment and cleaning systems of all kinds. Kärcher was able to achieve this outstanding position because the company’s devices are of special quality and innovation. The number of satisfied customers worldwide can hardly be counted. If you are looking for solutions to cleaning or watering problems, you can hardly avoid Kärcher.

On this website you will find tests and information on the best Kärcher window vacuums and other products from the manufacturer. Especially Kärcher’s high-pressure cleaners and steam cleaners impress with first-class quality. Kärchers window cleaners are among the best-selling worldwide. That is why the WV series has a weighty position in our window cleaner test. The manufacturer relies on replaceable batteries to power the devices.


Vileda enjoys a high level of brand awareness in Germany. The company became famous for its window cloth. The manufacturer’s window vacuums impress with their functionality and powerful rechargeable batteries.


Leifheit produces a wide range of household appliances that can be found in hundreds of thousands of households. The manufacturer’s window vacuums are equipped with stand-by batteries. In addition, the manufacturer’s products have an extremely convincing price-performance ratio and are often available with extras, as seen in our window vacuum test, for example, with an extended handle.

Product presentation: The popular Kärcher WV 50 Plus


The WV 50 comes with a lithium-ion battery, a charger, a spray bottle with microfibre wiper, an attachment, a nozzle and a sample of fragrant glass cleaner concentrate. It takes about 2 hours until the battery is fully charged. The operating time in the window vacuum test was 20-25 minutes, which allows 10-20 windows to be cleaned, depending on their size.


The device is made of plastic, but is probably difficult to destroy in everyday use. Cleaning and disassembly are uncomplicated. One drawback, however, is that the battery is not replaceable. So if the device breaks down, a new one will have to be purchased. If the rubber lip of one is not in order, it should be replaced immediately.


The use is very simple and facilitates the otherwise tedious work. The WV 50 does its job from every conceivable position without any problems. Meanwhile, the devices are also good enough not to produce any drops flowing downwards when used correctly. At least this did not happen in the window vacuum test. The weight is very comfortable and should allow even frailer individuals to clean consistently. In any case, care should be taken not to use too much water, as this can result in unsightly streaks. After cleaning, the edges of the window should be wiped with a dry cloth, as the Kärcher does not reach the edges completely.

Conclusion: According to the findings of the window vacuum test, the Kärcher WV 50 Plus is a very good window vacuum that is offered at a pleasant price. If you get the hang of it after a short time, you will be thrilled! Without a doubt, the best window vacuum cleaner currently comes from Kärcher.

Overall conclusion of the window vacuum cleaner test

Based on the results of countless window vacuum cleaner tests, we find the purchase of a window cleaner sensible and recommendable. With the help of a window cleaner, the windows finally remain streak-free and the floor and hands dry. In addition, with every device in the window vacuum cleaner test, a significant time saving could be achieved compared to classic cleaning. However, despite these findings, you should critically compare the devices with each other. Many window vacuum cleaners that are described as test winners in guidebooks come from the Far East. Your supposedly best window vacuum cleaner could therefore quickly turn out to be a bad buy. To prevent this, we recommend Stiftung Warentest for more information. Basically, no device can be generalised as the best window vacuum cleaner, but the Kärcher WV5 comes quite close.