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Dolphin Pool Cleaner

Best Dolphin pool cleaners

The Israeli company Maytronics is considered the world’s leading manufacturer of fully automatic pool robots. The first pioneer model came onto the market more than 30 years ago. The Dolphin pool cleaners from Maytronics are appreciated worldwide. They stand for unconditional quality and reliability. The devices are so powerful that they can even clean deep pool walls without any problems. Accordingly, you can sit back and devote yourself to more pleasant activities.

Dolphin Pool Cleaner


We will show you below which Dolphin pool cleaner is a good choice. You will also find out what you should consider when choosing one. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Dolphin pool cleaner – These models are recommended

Dolphin E20

Dolphin E20

Dolphin pool cleaners enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide. A particularly popular model is the Dolphin E20 .

This pool robot works fully automatically and is still relatively inexpensive. Nevertheless, it can already reliably clean walls. It is also quite compact, which is why it can also clean narrow passages and corners. Dolphin recommends it for pools with a maximum width of 4 metres and a maximum length of 10 metres. In these smaller areas, a cleaning cycle of 2 hours already leads to very good results. This definitely leaves enough time for family swimming fun throughout the day.

The device can be put into operation very quickly. In principle, you only have to make sure that the filter basket is inserted and ensure an active power supply. In operation, the pool robot orients itself with the help of the Clever-Clean technology. This makes the process as economical as possible. The filter basket can be conveniently rinsed out under the garden hose.

All in all, the E20 is an affordable and popular pool cleaner from Dolphin. It works fully automatically, which is why you can sit back and relax. The device is designed for small pools and has a smart navigation system that can also cope with walls. What you have to miss, on the other hand, is a weekly timer and external control via an app or remote control. Customers are convinced by the price/performance ratio.

Dolphin Blue Maxi 20

Dolphin Blue Maxi 20

The Dolphin pool cleaners are certainly also visually eye-catching. The Dolphin Blue Maxi 20 has a very harmonious appearance compared to the swimming pleasure.

This model is similar to the E20 model mentioned above in terms of equipment and functionality. This robot can also work completely autonomously and independently. You only have to rinse the filter basket from time to time. It can be inserted and removed without complications (Easy-Clean-System). The power cable included in the scope of delivery is 15 metres long. This means that pools up to 10×4 metres in size can be cleaned without complications.

Because the robot weighs just under 10 kg, it is easy to operate and carry. Small pools are finished after about 2 hours. Thanks to its chains, the robot also consistently clears the walls. However, it can only vacuum the water line to a limited extent, even though this is advertised. You may have to help it out manually here.

In summary, the Blue Maxi 20 is a proven pool cleaner from Dolphin. It is also recommended for small pools and convinces first and foremost with its easy handling. The device is ready for use in just a few steps and subsequently does its work autonomously. However, premium technologies such as app connectivity are not yet available. Nevertheless, customers are largely satisfied.

Dolphin E40i

Dolphin E40i

Even high demands can be met by the Dolphin pool cleaners. A high-quality model in this context is the Dolphin E40i.

This device features the latest technologies for effective and efficient pool cleaning. The PowerStream navigation technology is designed so that all areas are cleaned evenly. In addition to the floor, all walls and the water surface are also cleaned. Several attachments ensure great cleanliness here, which can cope with the most diverse types of debris. You can use this robot in pools up to 12 metres long.

You can choose between 3 cleaning cycles: 1.5 hours, 2 hours and 2.5 hours. You don’t have to set these on the housing. The robot can be connected to the smartphone via the corresponding app. This makes it easy to control and monitor the robot remotely. Another highlight is the fact that this pool robot can also cope with a certain salt content in the water without any problems.

Overall, the E40i is a high-quality pool cleaner from Dolphin. It is suitable for medium-sized pools and comes with smart technologies. All segments of the pool – from the surface to the bottom – become clean over time. You can conveniently determine the running time yourself via the mobile phone app MyDolphin Plus. In addition, a particularly powerful brush attachment is used here. Customers are enthusiastic about this Dolphin pool robot.

Dolphin pool cleaner – This is what basically matters

Semi-automatic or fully automatic

In general, pool robots can be divided into 2 different categories: semi-automatic and fully automatic models. Both are offered by Dolphin and each has advantages and disadvantages.

Semi-automatic pool robots cannot start their work independently. They are dependent on a connection to a filter system or a surface skimmer, as they do not have their own filter system. The dirt is transported to the connected device via a hose. The robot itself does not move by means of electrical energy, but with the help of hydraulic vacuum.

In general, this type of construction is considered relatively inexpensive, but it also reaches its limits more quickly. The walls and the water line cannot be kept clean automatically. In addition, the pool filter is strained and must therefore be backwashed more often.

The majority of Dolphin pool cleaners are fully automatic. They are the best solution for high demands and represent an “all-round carefree package”. Since they have their own pump and filter system, the devices are completely self-sufficient. All they need is an active power connection. Such devices can provide you with great comfort. They run down walls and can be controlled and monitored by remote control or smartphone, among other things. Operation can be fully automated via a timer.

The disadvantage of a fully automatic pool robot is its high purchase price. In return, however, you get a lot. Even the surface is partly cleaned. In addition, there can be a smart navigation system, which means that even large pools remain consistently clean. Powerful rotating brushes also remove stubborn dirt from the surface.

On-site conditions

First and foremost, the pool robot must fit your personal requirements. In particular, the size of the pool is an important factor. Massive and high-priced devices can quickly maintain extensive areas, but in a narrow 5-metre pool, for example, they have problems manoeuvring and can get stuck in narrow areas more often.

In addition, the length of the cable (fully automatic) and hose (semi-automatic) must fit the conditions on site. If they are too short, some zones may never be reached.

You should therefore measure the distance between the socket and the furthest corner of the pool if you want to use a fully automatic model. For a semi-automatic unit, the distance as well as the connection diameter must be considered in connection with the filter system.

In addition to the size of the pool, the depth must also be taken into account. The deeper the pool, the greater the challenge for the robot. A high-quality Dolphin pool cleaner can withstand the pressure even at a depth of 5 metres.

While all pool robots cope more or less well with a flat bottom, it can be quite different with walls. The latter are only mastered by the somewhat more expensive, fully automatic devices.

If there are many obstacles in the water, you should tend to opt for a compact pool robot. For commercial swimming pools and large private pools, the XXL models from Dolphin are a good choice.

Filter performance

Filter performance plays an important role in the field of semi-automatic pool robots, such as the Hybrid RS 1. It must be suitable for the robot, which is why the manufacturers specify guide values. Despite the low voltage, a high performance can be achieved. This is absolutely essential for coarse particles such as leaves or acorns.

As the size of the pool increases, so should the filter performance. Otherwise, the work of the pool robot becomes inefficient and is delayed. With a fully automatic Dolphin pool cleaner, the wattage is a promising sign of its power. But be careful: it really only defines the power consumption.

You should also keep an eye on the filter material. If you want to successfully remove algae, sand and the like, it must be correspondingly close-meshed. A diameter between 0.4 and 0.8 mm should serve this purpose.

Cleaning cycle

The running time must also be suitable. The larger the pool and the more demanding its surfaces are, the longer the robot must run its lanes every day to achieve good results.

A fully automatic pool robot from Dolphin has a practical timer. You can automate the operation via the housing, a remote control and/or the corresponding app. In some cases, you can not only individually set the running time for the day, but also for the entire week. You can thus completely adapt the running time to your bathing habits. This means you will always find a clean pool when you want to get into the pleasant water.

As a rule, a cleaning cycle lasts 2-4 hours. Sometimes there are even several programmes/running times to choose from, the effectiveness of which you can then test over time.


The volume should of course be as low as possible in the surroundings of the relaxing garden. In commercial facilities or in conurbations in general, on the other hand, it is no longer so significant.

In general, a Dolphin fully automatic pool robot is somewhat louder than a hydraulic model. This is simply due to its increased performance and is no different with other manufacturers.


The costs also influence the choice, of course. They should always be in a fair proportion to your own requirements. Pool robots are generally more expensive than manual solutions. The more powerful and comfortable they become, the more you have to invest.

A Dolphin pool cleaner is certainly not a cheap purchase. Semi-automatic models are available from around 500 Pounds. For a fully automatic solution, you should plan a budget of at least 700-800 Pounds. The premium devices in the four-digit segment can even clean deep pool walls and the water surface. In addition, app connectivity may be possible for the purpose of monitoring and control while on the move.

Dolphin pool cleaner – It offers many advantages

The pool cleaners from Dolphin have great advantages to offer you. They are all manufactured to a high standard and are designed for a long service life. In addition, the devices can even climb steep walls and vacuum the water surface. Nevertheless, they are not always the right choice. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • Large selection of units for both private and commercial use
  • High-quality workmanship designed for long durability
  • Manufacturer already has 30 years of expertise in this segment
  • Quick start-up (plug-and-play system)
  • Enormous time savings for medium-sized and large pools
  • Minimal effort for the owner Units can clean not only the floor, but also the walls and water surface
  • Thanks to the timer, start and end can be fully automated (you only have to wash out filters at irregular intervals)
  • High-quality models can be controlled remotely via an app
  • Smart navigation system can preventively exclude “problem zones Large capacity possible, which is why even acorns and leaves can be picked up
  • Units can be maintained quickly and without complications
  • Because pool robots regularly move the water, fewer chemicals are needed overall, which also protects the environment
  • Attention is paid to high efficiency


  • Not suitable for small budgets
  • Use is usually only possible in freshwater pools
  • Narrow steps and other, squat angles must be reworked manually
  • If you have never owned a pool robot before, you will have to take a little more time at the beginning to get used to this type of pool cleaning

Video: Experience report about the Dolphin E10

You can buy the compact Dolphin E10 at Amazon.

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