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Nilfisk pressure washer

The best high pressure cleaners from Nilfisk

Nilfisk is a traditional Danish company that specialises in cleaning equipment. In Germany, the company employs 400 people. The product range also includes high-pressure cleaners. A Nilfisk high pressure washer is a proven solution for private and commercial use. The devices are robustly manufactured and convince with their uncomplicated operation. In addition, a very high intensity can be achieved if required.

Nilfisk pressure washer

We will show you below which Nilfisk pressure washer is a good choice. You will also find out what you should consider in this context. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Nilfisk pressure washer – These models are recommended

Nilfisk C 120.7 PC

C120 review

Compact high-pressure cleaners are often sufficient in private areas. A particularly high level of comfort is promised here by the Nilfisk C120 .

The device weighs only 6.2 kg, which is why it can also be confidently operated by women and elderly seniors. The large wheels and the ergonomic handle contribute significantly to this. The scope of delivery includes 4 different nozzles and a Compact Patio surface cleaner. Therefore, you can expect an adequate solution for a wide variety of problems. Water with a maximum temperature of 40 °C can be supplied. The maximum pressure is 120 bar, which is a more than solid value considering the discreet appearance.

In addition, a detergent tank is included. If you want to use chemicals, you can mount it on the lance. By the way, it can pump up to 440 litres of water per hour. In addition, the action radius is up to 11 metres, which means that the socket does not have to be changed all the time. With a maximum of 1400 watts, the power consumption is kept within reasonable limits.

In summary, the C 120 is an affordable pressure washer from Nilfisk. It is extremely compact and handy. Therefore, it can be moved with absolute ease. Nevertheless, the unit generates a water pressure of up to 120 bar. Highlights include the comprehensive accessories and the Click & Clean system. The pump also has an automatic start and stop function, which makes the unit very economical. Moreover, it is not self-evident that such a small model already has a 6-metre hose and a 5-metre power cable.

Nilfisk D 140.4 DP X-tra

High pressure D140

The Nilfisk brand has various all-round high-pressure cleaners on offer that cut a good figure in almost every household. One recommendation in this context is the Nilfisk D 140.4-9 DP .

This model is also delivered with a comprehensive range of accessories, which is why in principle no area of application is denied you. You can clean large terraces as well as selectively remove stubborn debris. The combined length of the cable and the hose is 14 metres, which gives you great freedom of movement. The weight is also limited to a moderate 13 kg. The water supplied can be up to 40 °C warm.

Another convenient feature is the telescopic handle. You can extend and retract it as you wish. Therefore, people of all sizes can adopt a back-friendly posture. In addition, all accessories can be stored directly on the device so that they are always within reach. The performance data – in the form of a water pressure of 140 bar and a water volume of 550 litres/hour – make a lot possible.

All in all, the D 140.4-9 DP X-tra is a recommendable high-pressure washer from Nilfisk. It can be put into operation quickly and handled without complications. Nevertheless, it has a distinct performance capacity. Thanks to the universal accessories, you can adequately clean a variety of objects and surfaces. Praiseworthy features include the operating radius of 14 metres and the efficient start-stop system.

Nilfisk Premium 190-12

Power Washer 190

Even high demands can be satisfied with the Nilfisk brand since time immemorial. A high-quality high-pressure cleaner for private use is the Nilfisk Premium 190-12 .

This unit has a particularly robust finish and can cope with adverse conditions. The cylinder head is not made of simple aluminium, but of durable brass. In addition, hot water of up to 60 °C can be supplied. The manufacturer states that the pump pressure is 190 bar, which is enough to loosen even very sticky debris. Of course, the risk of injury increases accordingly. The weight is 30 kg.

Because it can pump a commendable 650 litres of water per hour, even extensive house facades can be maintained in a pleasant period of time. Because the water hose is 12 metres long and the cable 5 metres, you can move up to 17 metres away from a power source. The hose is coated with steel so that it will not be damaged quickly even under high loads. Of course, the accessories can also be stored directly on the unit.

Overall, the Premium 190-12 is a high quality pressure washer from Nilfisk. It is finished with durable brass and steel components. In addition, it can provide a pressure of up to 190 bar and a flow rate of 650 litres/hour. The device is therefore perfectly suited for demanding as well as extensive work. You can change the pressure during operation in order to be able to proceed sensitively if necessary. Of course, the power consumption (3300 watts) and the weight (30 kg) are somewhat higher.

Nilfisk pressure washer – What really matters

Selection options & design

Nilfisk currently offers 25 different high-pressure washers. The manufacturer itself divides these into 3 different categories:

  • Mobile high pressure washers with wheels
  • Stationary high pressure washers
  • Petrol or diesel high pressure washers

Mobile high-pressure washers are the first choice for private use. They can be used universally around the house and garden. Nilfisk offers both cold water and hot water units. The latter are more expensive, but particularly effective.

Stationary high-pressure washers are more suitable for commercial use. They are massive and can be used by several people at the same time. Areas of application are, for example, industrial plants, truck wash areas, slaughterhouses or harbours.

As an alternative to mains operation, petrol and diesel high-pressure washers are also available. These are intended for areas where no power connection is available and/or the power from the socket is not sufficient.

At present, Nilfisk does not offer battery-powered high-pressure washers as a form of drive.

Water pressure

The water pressure plays an important role. It does not necessarily have to be high, but much more suitable for the requirements on site. The unit of measurement is bar. An extremely powerful water pressure is absolutely essential, for example, when dealing with lichen, tree resin or old chewing gum.

Depending on the model, a Nilfisk high-pressure washer can operate at between 75 and over 200 bar. This means that, in principle, every situation can be covered. The devices with petrol and diesel engines can generally build up more pressure than electric high-pressure cleaners.

Battery-powered high-pressure cleaners generally have a rather weak performance. Nilfisk does not (yet) offer any models here anyway. By the way, a classic garden hose builds up a pressure of 3-4 bar.

Area performance

The area coverage is also relevant. The larger the area, the more water should be pumped per unit of time. Otherwise the cleaning process will be delayed. Information in this context is provided by the water volume in litres/hour.

Even a Nilfisk pressure washer for private use can deliver well over 600 litres/hour. Such devices are then also suitable for the rapid maintenance of house facades and extensive terraces.

Since even the compact versions can deliver over 400 litres/hour, they can also be used quite universally outdoors.


Cleaning work is usually not much fun. For this reason, every manufacturer should do everything possible to make handling as comfortable as possible for the user.

A Nilfisk high-pressure washer always has an adequate weight. Thanks to its smooth-running wheels, it is easy to move around. Models weighing less than 15 kg are recommended for women and senior citizens. They are particularly easy to handle.

All Nilfisk mobile pressure washers have a carrying handle on the top. This means that you can easily carry it to another floor or up and down stairs. Sometimes there is a height-adjustable telescopic handle. Thanks to this, people of all sizes can expect an ergonomic posture.

In order to be able to work safely on uneven surfaces, a wheel brake is sometimes installed. This fixes the wheels so that the device cannot roll away.

In addition, an appropriate cable and hose length contributes to a high level of comfort. Even with a small Nilfisk pressure washer, the operating radius is often 10 metres or more, which is why you don’t feel restricted and don’t have to constantly search for a new socket.

Another convenient feature is the ability to adjust the pressure variably. Here you can adjust the pressure precisely to the conditions on site. However, this feature is usually only reserved for expensive devices (visually recognisable by 2 different knobs).

Furthermore, all accessories can be stowed directly on the housing. This means they are always at hand when you need them.

Many sets are also offered. These come with a comprehensive range of accessories so that no separate purchases are necessary. In addition, the options here are of course particularly flexible.

Cleaning agent

Usually, a high-pressure cleaner in private use works with cold water. This means values up to a maximum of 40-60 °C. Cold water is naturally particularly environmentally friendly as a cleaning agent.

A Nilfisk high-pressure cleaner can also be operated with hot water. Such devices can have a particularly intensive effect on the substrate and therefore also dissolve stubborn dirt.

Chemical cleaning agents are another alternative. They are dispensed via an additional container mixed with the water. Sometimes only the use of chemicals helps. However, they should be used with caution, as they have a negative impact on the environment.

Energy consumption

Every pressure washer needs to be powered throughout its operation. A Nilfisk pressure washer uses either electricity, petrol or diesel. Efficient models should generally be considered the first choice, as they are not only easy on your wallet in terms of running costs, but also on the environment.

Most pressure washers for private use are powered by electricity. You can recognise their consumption by the wattage. The higher the wattage, the more electricity is consumed per unit of time. However, you should not make the mistake here of relying on low wattages across the board. You have to keep an eye on the relationship to the pressure and the amount of water that can be pumped.

A Nilfisk electric high-pressure washer usually consumes between 1300 and 2500 watts. These values can be considered moderate and appropriate for performance. Industrial high-pressure cleaners, on the other hand, sometimes draw more than 25,000 watts.


Of course, the costs also influence the decision. In general, they should be in a fair proportion to your own requirements. The more water pressure you need and the higher the area coverage, the more you have to invest. The same applies to the desire for durable metal components.

A Nilfisk high-pressure washer generally has a fair price/performance ratio. Mobile devices for private use usually range between 200 and 500 Pounds. Massive devices for industrial use can be far more expensive.

Nilfisk pressure washer – overview of advantages and disadvantages

Nilfisk high-pressure washers have various advantages to offer. The manufacturer offers compact devices for private use as well as professional devices for the highest demands. In general, the focus is on durable workmanship and a high level of operating comfort. Nevertheless, not every demand can be satisfied. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons, we have created a table for you below:


  • Proven brand that is respected and trusted around the world
  • Probate choice of electric high-pressure cleaners and models with combustion engine
  • There are both inexpensive units and absolute premium units
  • Reasonable weight and smooth-running wheels ensure effortless manoeuvring
  • Height-adjustable handle helps prevent back pain
  • Long hose and cable ensure freedom of movement, so you don’t have to keep looking for a power socket
  • Power can be over 200 bar, which means that even the most stubborn debris stands little chance
  • Water volume of over 600 litres/hour, so you can even clean large terraces and house facades quickly
  • Various metal components guarantee long durability
  • Even cold-water cleaners can be fed with temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius
  • Can be supplied with a comprehensive range of accessories so that nothing stands in the way of universal applications
  • Accessories can be carried directly on the unit
  • Partially very low power consumption (automatic start/stop function increases efficiency)


  • No mobile models with rechargeable batteries are offered

Video: Review about the Nilfisk C 120

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