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Hoover Vacuum Cleaner

The best vacuum cleaners from Hoover

The Hoover company was founded in the USA in 1908. The company is considered to be the inventor of the upright stick hoover, as it is so often used today. In the meantime, a variety of hoovers are offered under the brand. These include cordless hoovers, floor hoovers, hand hoovers and even a special mattress hoover. A Hoover vacuum cleaner is considered good value for money and has already proven itself in numerous households worldwide.

Hoover vacuum cleaner

Which Hoover vacuum cleaner is a good choice is presented below. You will also find out what you should consider in this context. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Hoover vacuum cleaner – 3 models in the presentation

Hoover FD 22G Freedom

Cordless upright FD22

The Hoover company offers innovative and modern solutions in the area of room care. An impressive example of this is the Hoover FD22G Freedom .

This model is a cordless battery hoover that acts as a 2-in-1 combination. You can use it with a handle as well as a compact hand vacuum cleaner. The delivery includes 3 different attachments. These include a 27 cm wide floor nozzle, a crevice nozzle and a furniture brush. The floor nozzle has a rotating brush roller and can therefore be used on hard floors as well as on carpets.

The cordless vacuum cleaner must be charged for 6 hours in the wall mount. After that, you can work for up to 25 minutes at a time. These values are anything but fabulous, but absolutely appropriate for the low price. Because the vacuum weighs only 2.2 kg, it is easy to handle. Of course, the hand vacuum weighs even less and is predestined for work above shoulder height.

All in all, the FD 22G Freedom is a popular and affordable cordless vacuum cleaner from Hoover. It can be used flexibly for medium-sized areas and for spot jobs. The low weight and cordless freedom of movement ensure a high level of comfort. The power consumption is an insignificant 22 watts. Some customers think that the suction power could be stronger.

Hoover MBC500UV Ultra Vortex

Handheld Ultra Vortex

Especially the care of soft fabrics can be challenging for a hoover. A special solution in this context is the Hoover MBC500UV Ultra Vortex .

This hand-held hoover weighs only 1.95 kg, which is why it can also be effortlessly operated by women and elderly seniors. It is operated via a 5-metre-long mains cable. The rotating brush roller of the special attachment also reliably combs pet hair and co. out of upholstered furniture. In addition, a UV lamp is used, which destroys 99.9 % of bacteria. Therefore, even allergy sufferers can breathe deeply after cleaning.

Furthermore, this hoover works bagless. Its container holds 0.4 litres and can be emptied without complications. You can then reuse it, which avoids running costs. Incidentally, this hand-held hoover is extremely quiet in operation. In addition, the power consumption is moderate, even though it is a model with mains cable operation.

In summary, the MBC500UV Ultra Vortex is a practical vacuum cleaner from Hoover. Where other hoovers fail, it shows its advantages. You can use it for beds, cushions, sofas, armchairs, car seats and much more. A special feature is certainly the UV light, which can eliminate even the smallest bacteria and allergens. Customers – especially allergy sufferers – are enthusiastic about this Hoover hoover.

Hoover BV71_BV30011 Brave

Hoover BV71

Floor hoovers are the classic in room care. You can use them to quickly clean large areas. An inexpensive model here is the Hoover BV71_BV30011 .

The delivery includes 3 different floor attachments. The classic floor nozzle is designed for hard floors and carpets. Switching is done via the foot pedal. A parquet nozzle is also included, which is particularly gentle on sensitive wooden floors. So there is no need to worry about streaks and scratches. The mini turbo nozzle is also designed to remove pet hair from upholstered furniture. A crevice nozzle is also included in the scope of delivery.

The vacuum weighs 3.7 kg and has large rear wheels, so there should be no problems manoeuvring it. The power consumption of 700 watts ensures that the suction power does not diminish even after a longer period of time. This hoover is only recommended to a limited extent for very large households because the dust bag only holds 2.3 litres and the operating radius is limited to a maximum of 7.5 metres.

Overall, the BV71_BV30011 Brave is a classic vacuum cleaner from Hoover. It can be put into operation quickly and can be used flexibly thanks to the comprehensive accessories. However, the power cord could be a little longer. In addition, the capacity is also rather compact. However, customers are satisfied with the price/performance ratio.

Hoover vacuum cleaner – What you should generally look out for

Selection options & type

Currently, 55 different hoovers are offered under the Hoover brand. The manufacturer divides them into 5 different categories:

  • Floor hoover
  • Hand hoover
  • Brush vacuum cleaner
  • Battery vacuum cleaner
  • Mattress cleaners

Classic floor hoovers are powered by a power cable. They have a wheel mechanism and are well suited for cleaning larger areas. Hoover offers both bagged and bagless cyclone vacuum cleaners.

Hand-held hoovers are long and slim. This means they can also be used in inaccessible areas. If the capacities and the floor nozzle are suitable, larger areas can also be properly cleaned. They are powered by a lithium-ion battery for maximum freedom of movement.

Brush vacuums are the first choice for carpets. With their rotating brushes, they reliably comb out debris from deep in the carpet. Hoover offers models with and without a bag.

By the category of cordless vacuum cleaners, the manufacturer means small hand-held vacuums for removing selective problems. One model in this segment can even provide additional wet vacuuming (SM156WD4 011).

The mattress cleaner was specially designed for soft fabrics. It sucks and applies UV radiation at the same time, so that mites, bacteria and co. hardly stand a chance.


There is no attachment that can cope with every requirement. Therefore, it is commendable that a Hoover vacuum cleaner is often delivered with several attachments.

The standard attachment is an extra wide floor nozzle. Because it is 25 cm or more wide, you can get on with cleaning the surfaces quickly. With Hoover, it can be used on both hard floors and carpets. Switching is done in the classic way by means of a foot pedal.

A mini turbo nozzle can also be included. This is a little more compact and is especially designed for removing pet hair. Two interlocking brushes comb out the hair reliably.

The crevice nozzle is recommended for vacuuming out narrow crevices and drawers. It is very narrow so that you can reach every spot.

A so-called upholstery nozzle is suitable for cleaning soft fabrics. Good examples are beds, cushions, sofas, armchairs or car seats.

You can also use a furniture brush to remove dust from hard surfaces such as shelves or even the PC keyboard.

Suction power

The suction power is of course of crucial importance. It must be suitable for the conditions on site. Weak hoovers can have a problem picking up broken glass, stones and cat litter.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to pinpoint the suction power precisely to one factor. A look at the wattage is not decisive here, as this primarily defines the power consumption. Nevertheless, some manufacturers succeed in using high wattages as a lure. However, various test groups – including Stiftung Warentest – have recently shown that fabulous values of 2000 watts and the like make little sense in private use. They often only mean unnecessarily high electricity costs.

Actually, the AirWatt figure is a good indicator of suction power. However, there is still no standardised measurement method. So the values depend mainly on the type of attachment and its distance from the measuring device.

If you weigh up the following things to a large extent, you will most likely find a good suction power:

Multiple statements from customers that the suction power is good

  • solid wattage
  • high speed
  • high-quality impeller
  • durable windings
  • air system that is not slowed down by the filter

A Hoover vacuum cleaner has a proven suction power. This is especially true for the floor hoovers. Opinions are more mixed when it comes to cordless vacuum cleaners.


Very few people enjoy using a hoover. For this reason, every manufacturer should see it as his duty to provide you with as much comfort as possible in terms of handling.

First and foremost, a light weight ensures that the vacuum cleaner is easy to handle. This is what a Hoover vacuum cleaner can offer. There are various models that weigh less than 3 kg. The floor hoovers have large, smooth-running wheels for effortless manoeuvring. Rubber wheels protect the floor better than hard plastic wheels.

The operating radius must match the size of the household. It is made up of the length of the power cord, the hose and the tube. Even in small rooms, it should be at least 7 metres. Of course, a cordless battery hoover offers you total freedom of movement, as you don’t have to look for a power socket at all.

Another convenient feature is the LED front light on the floor nozzle. It allows you to locate and remove the dirt completely, even in dark corners.

A suitable capacity also makes handling easier. The larger the bag, the less often it needs to be replaced. With bagless vacuums, there are no running costs because the container is reusable.

In some cases, a Hoover vacuum cleaner can even be connected to the Wizard app. The app shows you, among other things, how much battery capacity is left, how much area you have cleaned and how many calories were burned in the process.


The filter determines which particles can actually be stored inside. In this context, hoovers tend to have problems with fine particles. These are sometimes only stirred up and then get back into the room – a nightmare for every allergy sufferer.

If you want to reliably remove fine allergens such as dust mites, pollen and animal hair, you need a so-called HEPA filter. In the EU, these are subdivided into 3 classes, which filter finer and finer in descending order:

  • EPA filter (Efficient Particulate Air filter)
  • HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air filter)
  • ULPA filter (Ultra Low Penetration Air filter)

Most Hoover vacuum cleaner work with an EPA filter. This is perfectly adequate for normal households. Some models, however, are equipped with a HEPA filter. This removes at least 99.95% of particles and is recommended for allergy sufferers and pet owners.

To protect the motor from excessive wear, a motor protection filter is also necessary. It ensures a long service life by preventing debris from entering.

Energy consumption

Like other appliances, a Hoover vacuum cleaner needs electricity to operate. It draws this power either from a mains cable, a nickel-metal battery or a lithium-ion battery. Efficient models are generally the first choice, as they are easy on your wallet and on the environment.

The label of the energy efficiency class no longer indicates how efficient your model of choice is. This no longer has to be shown in the EU. Instead, the focus is on the power consumption, which is indicated in watts. The higher the wattage, the more electricity is consumed per unit of time.

Since 2017, new hoovers in the EU are only allowed to have a maximum of 900 watts. As a result, manufacturers are now forced to provide good suction power with moderate power consumption at the same time.

In practice, the power consumption depends strongly on the type of vacuum cleaner. Battery hoovers generally consume significantly less power than corded hoovers. A Hoover vacuum cleaner varies in terms of consumption between 20 and 800 watts.


The volume can become an important factor in everyday life. This is clearly the case when the hoover is unreasonably loud. Then it can have a negative impact on your health and stress levels. In addition, other household members may feel adversely affected.

You can tell how loud or quiet your model of choice is by the sound level, which in turn is expressed in dB (decibels). In the EU, new hoovers are only allowed to reach a maximum of 80 dB, which means that hearing damage to adults can be virtually ruled out. Children, on the other hand, should continue to keep a certain safe distance.

A Hoover vacuum cleaner often ranges between 66 and 79 dB, which is why it does not excel here. The manufacturer’s mattress cleaner, on the other hand, only reaches 20 dB and is therefore hardly noticeable.

Ultimately, the extent of the background noise also depends to a large extent on the design. Even cheap vacuum robots, for example, are almost always quieter than hand-held models. In addition, cordless hoovers tend to work with high-frequency sounds, while floor hoovers produce a dull roar.

Hoover vacuum cleaner – Overview of advantages and disadvantages

A Hoover vacuum cleaner can offer you many advantages. The manufacturer offers you a large selection in this segment at moderate prices. The devices can all be operated intuitively and with little effort. In addition, special functions such as a UV lamp can be built in. Nevertheless, not every demand can be satisfied. So that you can quickly weigh up the pros and cons of the manufacturer, we have created a table for you:


  • Inexpensive to buy
  • Wide choice of handheld, cordless and upright hoovers
  • Different designs available to suit almost every taste
  • Quick to set up and easy to use
  • You can choose between operation with or without a bag
  • Handling is usually easy, as even upright hoovers weigh less than 5 kg
  • Cord vacuum cleaners can have an operating radius of more than 15 metres
  • Also available as a 2-in-1 combination of stick and hand hoover
  • May have a HEPA filter, which can remove fine allergens such as mites, poles and pet hair
  • Often comes with several attachments, so that it can be used universally
  • Spare parts can be obtained without complications


  • The offer does not include robotic vacuum cleaners
  • Capacity of the cordless vacuum cleaners is rather modest (mostly less than 30 minutes)
  • Lifetime cannot be compared with the premium devices from Vorwerk, Dyson and Co.

Video: The Hoover FD22 in practice

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