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Hoover with HEPA Filter

Best vacuum cleaners with HEPA filter

Unfortunately, using a hoover has the potential to be very frustrating. This is especially the case when dealing with fine particles such as dust mites, pollen and pet hair. Ordinary vacuums have problems here and just let them back out. A hoover with a HEPA filter, on the other hand, picks up well over 99% of the dirt. The narrow meshes make sure of that. As a result, allergy sufferers can breathe easy.

Hoover with HEPA filter

In the following, we will show you which hoover with HEPA filter is a good choice. You will also find out what you should consider when choosing a vacuum cleaner. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Hoover with HEPA filter – 3 recommendable models

Dyson V8 Absolute

Dyson V8 Absolute

The British company Dyson is an innovative manufacturer of hoovers. More than 1000 scientists are permanently working on the development of new technologies. The Dyson V8 Absolute  is a high-quality hoover with HEPA filter. It is exceptionally comfortable to use and has a wide range of features. The scope of delivery includes 6 different attachments.

It is powered by a lithium-ion battery, which can guarantee continuous operation for up to 40 minutes. The vacuum cleaner is charged via the discreet wall mount, in an upright position. This is exactly where it can also be stored. Because the Dyson V8 works without a hose and without a cable, there is maximum freedom of movement. Its own weight is only 2.6 kg, which is why you can even move the vacuum comfortably overhead, on the ceiling. If necessary, the top part can be removed to make it an even lighter hand vacuum.

The 15 cyclones ensure hygienically clean filter results. The air has to pass through each one, so that even small particles eventually reach the container. Unfortunately, the container only holds 550 ml and must therefore be emptied frequently. Because there are 6 attachments, you can basically clean any surface in the household, including the laptop keyboard. For hard floors, we recommend the electric brush with soft roller, which reliably prevents scratches. You can also clean high carpets by using the electric brush with direct drive. Rotating nylon bristles effectively remove pet hair and co.

All in all, the Dyson V8 is a high-quality and versatile hoover with HEPA filter. It is extremely lightweight, which is why it is more like a toy when it comes to handling. Since there is neither a hose nor a cable, you enjoy the best possible freedom of movement. This naturally reduces the risk of accidents, while the fun factor increases. You notice that the Dyson company is considered the inventor of cyclone technology. All functions are optimally coordinated. The battery lasts a long time and provides enough power. Customers are enthusiastic about this hoover.

Philips PowerPro Compact

HEPA vacuum Philips

The Philips brand originates from the Netherlands and is appreciated worldwide. The development work sometimes also takes place in Germany. The Philips PowerPro Compact  is an affordable hoover with HEPA filter. It works with bagless cyclone technology. Accordingly, there is no need for ongoing purchases in the form of replacement bags.

The vacuum weighs 4.5 kg and is therefore easy to pull and carry. The large, rubberised wheels also contribute to the comfort. They enable agile turning and are gentle on sensitive surfaces such as parquet. With a power consumption of 650 watts, this appliance can also be described as environmentally friendly. Nevertheless, the cyclone technology generates a good suction power.

You can work with 3 different attachments. The TriActive nozzle can be used on hard floors as well as on carpets. Switching is done in an uncomplicated way via the foot pedal. There is also a special hard floor nozzle that can improve the results on parquet and tiles. The integrated HEPA filter removes over 99% of particles. This includes allergens such as house dust mites, pollen and animal hair. Allergy sufferers can breathe easy. The container holds 1.5 litres and can be reused over the entire life of the vacuum cleaner. Thanks to a well thought-out design, there are no dust clouds when emptying.

In summary, the Philips PowerPro Compact is an affordable and popular hoover with HEPA filter. It is compact and easy to handle. Because the operating radius is limited to 9 metres, it is especially suitable for small and medium-sized rooms. This is where the 4.5 kg device can show off its agility. The cyclone technology generates a powerful suction, but still draws only 650 watts of power. With the two floor nozzles and the dust brush in the handle, you can clean a variety of surfaces. Even fine particles are caught in the HEPA filter. The only negative aspect is the sound level, which is at the upper end of the scale at 79 dB.

Siemens Q 5.0 Extreme Silence

Siemens HEPA Vac

Siemens is a company from Germany with a long tradition. Among other things, it manufactures important devices in the field of medicine. The Siemens Q 5.0 VSQ5X1230  is a popular hoover with a HEPA filter. It works classically with a cable and a dust bag.

The vacuum cleaner weighs 6 kg and has a 4.5 litre dust bag. This means that it does not have to be emptied or replaced too often. The power cable is very long, which gives it an operating radius of 13 metres. Only then do you have to change the socket. So there will probably be no frustration. Despite the high suction power, the sound level is 70 dB. That is a very good value. In addition, the power consumption of 850 watts is moderate. To ensure that nothing happens to the vacuum cleaner or the objects in the room, its housing is made of a soft bumper. In addition, the wheels are soft and therefore gentle on the floor.

The scope of delivery includes 3 attachments. The floor nozzle can be used on both hard and soft surfaces. The mode of the roller nozzle can be switched with the press of a foot. There is also a crevice nozzle, which you can use to vacuum out narrow crevices. Thanks to the upholstery nozzle, you can also comfortably clean upholstered furniture, beds and car seats.

Overall, it can be said that the Siemens Q 5.0 is a recommendable hoover with HEPA filter. The device is absolutely suitable for allergy sufferers and has the highest class in terms of dust removal (efficiency class A). Although the vacuum cleaner works with a power cord and bag, it is comfortable to use. This is due to the large reach and the far-reaching filling volume. Customers are very convinced of this vacuum cleaner and say that it has a high-quality finish, is easy to manoeuvre and surprisingly quiet.

Hoovers with HEPA filters – What to consider when choosing a vacuum


Filters that can remove suspended particles from the air are divided into 17 classes in the EU. However, really fine particles are only removed from level 12. There are 3 filters that can ensure fine filtration:

  • EPA filter (Efficient Particulate Air filter)
  • HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air filter)
  • ULPA filter (Ultra Low Penetration Air filter)

While EPA filters cover the weakest degree of purity, ULPA filters are particularly thorough. Of course, this is reflected in the price. Allergy sufferers should only use HEPA filters from level 13 or ULPA filters.

The individual filters can remove the following proportions of the particle concentration:

  • E10 > filters 85 %
  • E11 > filters 95 %
  • E12 > filters 99.5 %
  • H13 > filters 99.95 %
  • H14 > filters 99.995 %.
  • U15 > filters 99,9995 %
  • U16 > filters 99,99995 %
  • U17 > filters 99.999995 %

It is essential that hoovers have other filters besides the microfilter. A motor protection filter, for example, prevents dirt particles from reaching the sensitive parts. This would in fact promote wear and tear and thus reduce durability.

The main filter can be either a double-layer paper bag or a reusable container. Hoovers with a bag often have a large filling volume, which is why you do not have to take breaks in between. At some point, however, the bag will need to be replaced, resulting in ongoing costs and increased effort.

Bagless hoovers work with the help of cyclone technology. Here, an air stream is generated in one or more chambers. Via centrifugal force, the dirty particles are subsequently transported to the outside and pressed into the container. The clean air, on the other hand, can escape to the outside. The container can be reused over the entire lifetime of the device. A disadvantage, however, is the fact that it is somewhat noisier. Incidentally, the British James Dyson is considered the inventor of this technology.

Suction power

Of course, the suction power must be appropriate for the amount of debris. Especially with coarse particles such as stones, grains of sand or even broken glass, a high suction power is necessary. Otherwise, the rubbish will simply remain on the floor and the effort will have been in vain.

Unfortunately, it is not so easy to find out the suction power in advance. Basing it on wattage alone, for example, is more than inaccurate. In fact, the general wattage (power consumption) rather says something about the power consumption. Independent test groups, such as Stiftung Warentest, have found out anyway that there are now appliances with less than 1000 watts that nevertheless provide great suction power. Positive developments in engineering are responsible for this. High wattages can sometimes be a lure that has negative consequences for energy costs.

In order to quickly obtain meaningful information about the suction power, some manufacturers give a so-called AirWatt figure. This allows more precise conclusions to be drawn. However, it depends to a large extent on the design of the nozzle and the positioning of the measuring device.

In general, the following indications point to good sow vigour:

  • Multiple statements from customers that the suction power is good
  • solid wattage
  • high speed
  • high-quality impeller
  • durable windings
  • air system that is not slowed down by the filter

If the suction power can be adjusted variably, you should make use of it. If the requirements are low, you can save on electricity costs and reduce the noise level.


Today, it is common for several attachments to be included in the scope of delivery. This allows for flexible adaptation to different surfaces.

The standard equipment often includes a universal floor nozzle. This can be used for hard floors as well as carpets. Switching is done either via a foot pedal or sometimes via a control panel on the handle.

To clean delicate floors such as parquet and high-quality tiles, a floor nozzle with a height-adjustable brush rim is recommended. This prevents hard particles, such as grains of sand, from being pushed over the floor. This would lead to scratches.

For the care of high carpets, it is advisable to use an attachment with a rotating roller. In this case, long nylon bristles penetrate deep into the carpet and reliably pull out pet hair and the like.

Furthermore, the size of the attachment must fit the conditions on site. Wide attachments are best suited for large areas. They allow you to make quick progress and save time. In narrow passages and corners, compact attachments are better. They do not jam against obstacles and can reach every area.

In addition to flexible floor nozzles, crevice nozzles and upholstery nozzles have also become established. Crevice nozzles are narrow attachments with which you can get crumbs and the like out of narrow crevices. Upholstery nozzles remove pet hair, particles etc. from upholstered furniture, beds and car seats.


Because vacuuming is not a joyful affair anyway, it should at least be as pleasant as possible to use. This will reduce the stress level and maybe you will have some fun after all.

First and foremost, a low weight makes for easy handling. If the vacuum weighs 6 kg or less, you can carry and pull it comfortably. Compact dimensions provide more agility and manoeuvrability. However, they also indicate a small filling volume, which is why small models are not suitable for very extensive areas.

It is definitely worth taking a look at the wheels. There should be at least one swivel castor so that you can turn the vacuum cleaner on the spot. In addition, the wheels should be as soft as possible so that the surface is protected. Rubber can ensure this better than hard plastic wheels. In addition, the wheels should of course turn smoothly (ball bearings are a sign of quality).

You should also pay attention to the radius of action. This is determined by the length of the power cord, the hose and the tube. The longer the overall value (12 metres or more can be considered good), the less often you have to change the power socket. You also save yourself the frustration that can arise from the taut cable. If you use a cordless vacuum cleaner, you naturally enjoy maximum freedom of movement.

To avoid backache when using the vacuum cleaner, an adjustable tube is the best solution. You can adjust it perfectly to your body size and then get to work in an ergonomic posture.

Power consumption

It can also be worthwhile to take a look at the power consumption. A hoover with a HEPA filter usually consumes just as much energy as other devices. You can recognise the consumption by the power consumption, which is shown in watts.

As already mentioned, nowadays a gigantic wattage is no longer necessary to guarantee high suction power. In the EU, the maximum wattage of new devices since 2017 is 900 watts. This is to prevent unnecessary environmental pollution.

Low wattages have no negative consequences for you. On the one hand, you save energy costs, on the other hand, the companies are forced to provide high performance with low consumption. You can tell whether this is successful by the energy efficiency class. This gets progressively worse from the letter A to G.

Some manufacturers also indicate values for individual tasks. For example, if the vacuum cleaner has a “dust emission class A”, it can cope perfectly with dust on hard floors.

Noise level

Furthermore, it is useful if the hoover with HEPA filter is as quiet as possible. In this case, other people will not feel disturbed and this will also have a positive effect on the user. The volume is indicated in decibels (dB).

Hoovers with a maximum sound level of 70 dB are considered quiet. In principle, hoovers with bags are quieter than hoovers without bags due to their design. The current front-runner in this discipline is the AEG VX8. Its peak noise level is only 58 dB.

The EU has also introduced legal requirements in this regard. From now on, hoovers may have a maximum sound level of 80 dB. Hearing damage can thus be ruled out in adults. However, since children have more sensitive ears, they should still not be in the immediate vicinity.

Unfortunately, no hand-held hoover in the world can be described as pleasantly quiet. This circumstance will only be guaranteed if a sound level of less than 50 dB is achieved. Robot vacuum cleaners can sometimes already meet this requirement.

Hoover with HEPA filter – these are its advantages

Basically, a hoover with a HEPA filter has only advantages to offer. The prerequisite, however, is a sensible design. If the airflow is reduced by the close-meshed filter, the suction power and the draught suffer. As a result, more debris would not be sucked in or would slide back halfway. Therefore, the design must be well thought-out and effective in any case. In this case, great advantages are possible that allow flexible use:

  • Models pick up both coarse and fine particles (at least 99.95% of litter)
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers and owners of pets
  • From level H13, house dust mites, pollen, spores and pet hair are guaranteed to be eliminated
  • Hygienic indoor air promotes health and ensures well-being
  • No sneezing fits, no itching, no blocked nose
  • Generally as universally usable as standard hoovers, as they also come with numerous other functions
  • Can come in the form of a hoover with or without a bag
  • Wide range, including cordless and compact cordless vacuum cleaners

Video: Review of the Dyson V8 Absolute

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