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Festool Hoover

High quality vacuum cleaners from Festool

The Festool company can look back on a history rich in tradition. As early as 1927, the German company brought the first portable chainsaw onto the market. Today, the manufacturer produces power tools for the highest demands. A Festool hoover is characterised by its great performance and comprehensive capacities. Nevertheless, most of the devices are compact and can be used in an extremely mobile way. That is why they are also called mobile vacuum cleaners.

Festool Hoover

In the following, we will show you which hoover from Festool is recommended. You will also find out what you should consider when choosing. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Festool hoover – 3 models in the presentation


Festool Midi Cleantec

Festool offers tried-and-tested hoovers for less demanding commercial work, such as service work or final cleaning. One recommendation in this context is theFestool CTL MIDI .

This vacuum cleaner has a capacity of 15 litres and weighs 11.3 kg. The operating radius is also at least 11 metres, depending on the attachment. You can either use the hose opening for vacuuming or connect it to a sander, drill or saw of your choice (Bluetooth connection). With the separate accessories, the possibilities can of course be even more varied. In addition to dry vacuuming, it is also possible to use wet vacuuming. However, a separate wet filter must be purchased for this.

All the individual parts can be easily stored in or on the appliance so that nothing gets lost. Basically, the carrying handle, the push handle and the touch controls ensure a high level of comfort. In addition, the filter can be removed from the outside – without tools. You can even connect the vacuum to an app and have it send you help.

Overall, the CTL MIDI CLEANTEC is a recommendable hoover from Festool. It can be manoeuvred without complications and takes up hardly any space. Nevertheless, there is no lack of equipment. Highlights include the Bluetooth connection with power tools, the storage space for any accessories and the app connectivity. Customers are convinced by this industrial hoover.


Mini 240V

Overall, the CTL MIDI CLEANTEC is a recommendable hoover from Festool. It can be manoeuvred without complications and takes up hardly any space. Nevertheless, there is no lack of equipment. Highlights include the Bluetooth connection with power tools, the storage space for any accessories and the app connectivity. Customers are convinced by the Festool CTL MINI .

This vacuum weighs only 11 kg and can therefore be carried easily. In addition, the side diameter is a compact 40 cm, which means that the device can be carried and used almost anywhere. Thanks to the intelligent design, the filter bag still holds just under 10 litres. Here, too, the unit is operated via modern touch elements that are easy to use.

Other features include the option of connecting power tools to the 3.5-metre hose. The vacuum starts automatically via Bluetooth when you switch on your tool. It also switches off automatically. If necessary, you can also purchase a separate remote control to be able to control this process even better. Together with the 7.5-metre-long mains cable, this results in an action radius of 11 metres.

In summary, the CTL Mini I CLEANTEC is a compact hoover from Festool. It is ideally suited for quick use in small workshops and the like. You can also consider purchasing it for your home. Even here you can choose between dry or wet vacuuming. In addition, the noise level is limited to a moderate 70 dB. Customers are satisfied with this model.

Festool Cleantec CTL 26 E GB

Festool Vacuum Cleaner

Some hoovers from Festool have already proven themselves for more than a decade and can still meet high demands today. A good example is the model Festool CTL 26 E GB .

This mobile vacuum cleaner is surprisingly compact and can still hold up to 26 litres. Thanks to the light weight of 13.7 kg, the two swivel castors and the large rear wheels, it is easy to manoeuvre. You can fix the wheels so that the vacuum stands securely even on sloping surfaces. The mains cable and the hose together guarantee an action radius of 11 metres, so you don’t have to constantly change the socket. The device is equally suitable for dry and wet vacuuming.

No attachment is included in the scope of delivery, but you can connect the vacuum directly to the power tool of your choice if necessary. The vacuum switches on and off automatically so that you can concentrate fully on working with the tool. The available L-filter is designed for normal dust and not for hazardous substances.

All in all, the Cleantec CTL 26 E is a popular hoover from Festool. It is not even 40 cm wide and weighs only 13.7 kg. Nevertheless, the volume is sufficient for comprehensive work. You can vacuum both wet and dry. It can also be connected directly to tools. Despite the high suction power, the power consumption ranges between 350 and 1200 watts. Accordingly, there is no need to fear high energy costs. Even in continuous operation, there is guaranteed no loss of performance.

Festool hoover – What you should always look out for

Design & selection options

Festool currently offers 23 different hoovers. These are primarily intended for commercial use, but can of course also be used in your own workshop or garage as a high-quality solution. The manufacturer makes a subdivision into 2 categories:

  • Mobile vacuum cleaners
  • Special suction units

The mobile extractors are a universal solution for the removal of dust, chips from wood and metal, as well as plastics. Liquids can usually also be collected without any problems. The units are used all over the world and are held in high esteem.

The special vacuum cleaners are designed for hazardous substances. They have the highest filter class H (highly hazardous). This means that even asbestos, carcinogenic substances and respirable fine dust can be removed safely. However, a certain surcharge is justifiably due for this, as the components here must be very reliable.

Connection & attachment

There is no attachment that can cope optimally with all types of surfaces and areas. So, in order to be able to use universal options, several attachments are necessary. Festool usually includes at least 2 attachments in the scope of delivery. However, there are also comprehensive sets that leave nothing to be desired.

Floor nozzles are suitable for surface care. You can make quick progress with them because they are wider than 25 cm. Festool offers such nozzles for any surface.

A crevice nozzle is recommended for narrow crevices and niches. This is particularly narrow so that every angle can be reached.

Furthermore, a Festool hoover can be supplied with an upholstery nozzle. This is suitable for cleaning soft fabrics. Examples are beds, sofas, cushions and car seats.

You can also connect the suction hose directly to the power tool and vacuum the debris. With Festool, there is an additional convenience here, because the suction process is started automatically when you start the tool (Bluetooth connection). This means you don’t have to keep running to the vacuum.

In general, many accessories are available for Festool hoovers. These include pipe extensions, tool holders, and of course wear materials such as filters.


Without a doubt, suction power is one of the decisive factors. It does not necessarily have to be powerful. It depends entirely on the desired area of application. After all, if you want to remove light chips and dust, you don’t need powerful suction. For concrete chunks and the like, on the other hand, the situation is quite different.

In this context, many people make the mistake of trying to derive the suction power solely from the wattage. However, this only defines the power consumption in the first place. Dubious suppliers use high wattages as an enticement. In this case, there is a particular danger that the vacuum cleaner is simply one with a poor energy balance.

In practice, the volume flow and the maximum negative pressure provide better information. Some manufacturers deliberately do not show these in order to conceal the fact. In the case of a Festool hoover, this information is never missing. The manufacturer is transparent and can score with solid values. The ratio of performance to energy consumption is very good, as you can see further down in the text.

In general, the following facts are a positive promise of good performance:

  • Multiple statements from customers that the suction power is good
  • solid wattage
  • high speed
  • high-quality impeller
  • durable windings
  • air system that is not slowed down by the filter


Of course, handling is also important. It should be as comfortable and easy as possible. In this case, the work can even be fun.

Because most Festool hoovers have wheels, you can use them in a mobile way. As standard, 2 swivel castors are fitted at the front and 2 large wheels at the rear, so that changes of direction never cause complications. Small tools can also be strapped to the back/over the shoulder with a belt.

A light weight contributes to effortless handling to a large extent. An industrial hoover from Festool sometimes weighs less than 7 kg. A weight of around 11 kg is more common.

In addition, the power cable and hose should be long enough to give you good freedom of movement. With Festool, the operating radius is often over 10 metres, so you don’t have to keep looking for a new socket.

Another convenient feature is the fact that the accessories can be stored on the tool. This means that they do not get lost and are always within reach.

In addition, the container and filter bag volume should fit the conditions on site. This means that maintenance should not be necessary too often. With Festool, by the way, tools are rarely needed for changing.

A special kind of comfort is certainly the possible Bluetooth connection with drills, circular saws and the like. If a power tool is connected, the vacuum can switch on automatically when the tool is started. So you don’t have to constantly run to the vacuum yourself. It only vacuums during the work process, which can also optimise energy consumption at the same time.


The quality and make-up of the filter determines which particles can actually be trapped. While hoovers tend to have problems with coarse debris on the outside, it can be the other way around on the inside. If the filter is too permeable, fine particles are only stirred up and get back into the room air.

Industrial hoovers are differentiated between filter classes L (light), M (medium) and H (high). Depending on the model, a Festool hoover can have both a coarse and a fine filter. Most devices have an L-filter, which is designed for dusts with limit values > 1 mg/m³.

Only the manufacturer’s special vacuum cleaners have a class H filter. This means that you can even successfully remove asbestos, carcinogenic substances and mould spores.

Energy consumption

It goes without saying that a Festool hoover also requires energy in the form of electricity during operation. This comes from the usual mains current (220-240V). Efficient models should always be the first choice, because they are not only easy on your wallet in terms of running costs, but also on the environment.

You can tell how economical your hoover is by its power consumption. This is given in watts. The higher the wattage, the more electricity is consumed per unit of time.

A Festool hoover draws a maximum of 1200 watts. This means that the devices hardly need any more power than ordinary hoovers for the home. Due to the variable usage options, the energy drawn sometimes even amounts to only 150 watts.


Industrial hoovers generally pose few potential dangers. Nevertheless, Festool attaches great importance to safety.

To be able to work safely on uneven surfaces, the manufacturer sometimes installs brake feet. In this context, you can fix the castors so that the tool cannot roll away even in sloping areas.

As soon as a blockage of the system is imminent, a signal tone can be emitted. This helps to prevent excessive wear. A cover over the mains connection also contributes to this. This prevents dirt and water from getting in.

Of course, you can also contribute to safety by wearing appropriate protective clothing when working.


In commercial use and in spacious areas, the noise level of a hoover is not quite as significant as it is, for example, in the four walls of your home. Nevertheless, it can be worthwhile to take a careful look. Quiet appliances reduce the risk of hearing damage and prevent feelings of stress.

You can tell whether the model you want is quiet by the sound level, which is expressed in dB (decibels). While there are legal limits for domestic hoovers, there are no strict limits for commercial industrial vacuum cleaners.

A Festool hoover can absolutely stand out positively in terms of noise. Most models are around 70 dB. Some models even fall below this value. This is surprising because weaker hoovers and cordless hoovers for private use are often around 75 dB and more.

Festool hoovers – they offer many advantages

A Festool hoover has great advantages to offer you. The devices are all of high quality workmanship and designed for long durability – even in commercial use. In addition, they can have extensive capacities while remaining compact and lightweight. Nevertheless, not everything speaks for this manufacturer. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons, we have provided you with an overview below.


  • Good choice of models for all types of businesses as well as models for do-it-yourselfers
  • High performance combined with low power consumption
  • Wet and dry vacuuming is equally possible
  • Durable components ensure long life in commercial use
  • Light weight and compact dimensions ensure high convenience
  • Easy to operate via touch elements
  • Probable action radius, which is made up of the length of the cable and the hose
  • Extensive capacity prevents constant maintenance
  • Mobile use is possible at any time (wheels, handle, carrying strap)
  • Accessories can be stored directly on the unit (upper surface can partly be used for sitting)
  • Filter cleaning is partly automatic (change can be done easily via the outside)
  • Bluetooth connection to other tools can be established
  • Even hazardous substances, such as asbestos, can sometimes be removed safely
  • Manufacturer offers you comprehensive service as well as numerous application and explanatory videos


  • Not suitable for small budgets

Video: Review about the Festool CT MIDI

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