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Karcher wet and dry vacuum cleaner

The best wet and dry hoovers from Karcher

In the field of cleaning equipment, the Kärcher brand is an absolute authority. Here, the German family-owned company is the world market leader and offers the right product for every purpose. A Karcher wet and dry vacuum cleaner is considered to be flexible in use and of high quality. The manufacturer offers both affordable multi-purpose vacuum cleaners and professional devices for the highest demands.

Karcher wet and dry vacuum cleaner

We will show you below which Karcher wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a good choice. You will also find out what you should bear in mind in this context. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Karcher wet and dry vacuum cleaner – These models are recommended

Kärcher WD 3 Premium

WD3 Hoover Kaercher

The removal of wet and dry substances is quite demanding. Nevertheless, Kärcher can also offer you inexpensive solutions. Particularly popular in this context is the Kärcher WD3 .

The device is primarily suitable for small and medium-sized areas. It weighs only 5.8 kg and can be moved effortlessly in any direction using the 4 castors. The accessories can be conveniently stored on the housing so that they are always at hand and cannot get lost. In addition to the floor nozzle, a crevice nozzle is also included in the scope of delivery. The suction power is a respectable 200 AirWatts. If necessary, you can also switch to fan operation.

The debris is caught in a 17-litre stainless steel container. This is perfectly adequate for garages, cellars, hobby rooms and small workshops. You can remove it without complications in 2 easy steps. In the meantime, the suction tube and the attachment can be easily attached to the housing. Incidentally, the power consumption is still limited to a quite moderate 1000 watts.

All in all, the WD 3 Premium is an affordable wet and dry vacuum cleaner from Kärcher. It can be handled with absolute ease, but is not yet designed for large systems. This is evident from the 17-litre capacity and the 4-metre-long mains cable. Highlights include the fact that you don’t have to change filters between wet and dry vacuuming and the blowing function. In addition, the possibilities are further extended by the included crevice nozzle.

Kärcher NT 22

Kärcher NT22

For commercial applications, extensive capacities as well as durable parts are needed. One recommendation here is the Kärcher NT 22/1 Ap Lv .

Kärcher also pays attention to a high level of comfort with this wet and dry vacuum cleaner. It weighs a light 5.7 kg (without accessories) and has 2 swivel castors and 2 larger rear wheels. The hose is connected directly to the appliance head so that the container has maximum space. The side diameter of the container is less than 40 cm and yet the capacity is 22 litres. The delivery includes 2 attachments – a floor nozzle and a crevice nozzle.

Furthermore, the power cable is 6 metres long. Together with the hose and the tube, this results in an action radius of up to 9 metres. Because the floor nozzle is 30 cm wide, you can move quickly. The power consumption of 1300 watts and the semi-automatic filter cleaning ensure a good suction performance. Wet and dry vacuuming can take place at any time without having to dry the filter. For cleaning, it can simply be removed and rinsed out.

All in all, the NT 22/1 Ap Lv is a tried and tested wet and dry vacuum cleaner from Kärcher that can also be used for comprehensive work. You enjoy good freedom of movement and can hold 22 litres in the container. Because the filter is largely self-cleaning, there is no need to worry about a drop in performance. Furthermore, the low noise level of maximum 71 dB has to be praised. Customers are very satisfied with the suction power and the handling.

Kärcher WD 6 Premium

WD6 Premium

The multi-purpose vacuum cleaners of the WD series have already proven themselves in numerous households. A high-quality model is the Kärcher WD6 Premium .

This model is versatile. You can use it for classic surface care, vacuum out narrow crevices or connect it directly to a power tool. An automatic switch-off has been installed for connecting external devices. Since the power can be adjusted variably, you can cope with any situation adequately. At full capacity, the vacuum works with 260 air watts. Nevertheless, the power consumption of 1300 watts is still moderate.

Here, too, the operating range is up to 9 metres before the socket has to be changed. The robust stainless steel container of this vacuum cleaner even holds 30 litres. This means you only have to empty it after a long time. It has a handle so that this can be done without complications. In addition, there is a blowing function that expands the range of applications even further.

In summary, the WD 6 Premium is a recommendable wet and dry vacuum cleaner from Kärcher. Two different attachments, the blowing function and the reasonable action radius guarantee universal application possibilities. In contrast to the WD 3, it has a significantly higher suction power. You can also adjust the power and connect power tools. The electrostatic protection ensures a high level of safety. Customers are largely enthusiastic about this model.

Karcher wet and dry vacuum cleaner – What you should look out for

Selection options

Kärcher offers a wide range of wet and dry vacuum cleaners. In total, there are 51 different models available, some of which differ significantly from each other. The manufacturer itself divides its appliances into the following categories:

  • WD (Inexpensive multi-purpose vacuum cleaners for do-it-yourselfers/small businesses)
  • Tact class (Constantly high speed and power for comprehensive work in the building trade and crafts)
  • Ap class (Powerful all-round series, but not designed for the finest dusts)
  • NT-vacuum cleaners (Standard units for coarse dirt and large quantities of liquids)
  • Safety vacuum cleaners (for the finest dusts, such as asbestos)
  • Special vacuum cleaners for fire brigades and bakers

The WD series (Wet & Dry) is the most popular. They are often used in private homes as well as in businesses. For comprehensive work, the NT series is also popular.


Cleaning jobs are not fun for most people. Sometimes, however, they are absolutely essential. It is nice when manufacturers make an effort to offer the user as much comfort as possible.

All Karcher wet and dry vacuum cleaners have a wheel mechanism. This has smooth-running and large castors. In addition, at least 2 swivel castors ensure that changes of direction can be made without complications.

A light weight naturally contributes to energy-saving handling. WD multi-purpose vacuums weigh less than 10 kg and are therefore easy to handle. Some of the professional units weigh 30 kg, but this is a promise of absolutely durable components and powerful motors. Heavy units are equipped with a push handle.

In addition, you enjoy good freedom of movement if the mains cable and hose are as long as possible. At Kärcher, the mains cable is sometimes 10 metres long and the hose 4 metres. Together with the suction tube, this can result in an action radius of 15 metres, which means you don’t have to change the power source too often, even in larger halls and outdoor areas.

The capacity of the container ranges from 17 to 75 litres. The larger the container, the less often it needs to be emptied.

The fact that accessories can be attached to the appliance also contributes to a high level of convenience. Sometimes there is also a work surface on the top.

The wet contents of large appliances can often be drained through a hose. This makes it unnecessary to open and remove the container above the work surface.


The type of filter determines which particles can actually be kept out. In particular, fine particles that are not visible to humans can be dangerous. If you want to pick up hazardous substances with your vacuum cleaner, you should definitely know what you are doing and consult a specialist if necessary.

If you want to remove fine allergens such as mites, pollen and hair, you need a particulate air filter. In the EU, these are subdivided into 3 categories, which become more and more effective in descending order:

  • EPA filter (Efficient Particulate Air filter)
  • HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air filter)
  • ULPA filter (Ultra Low Penetration Air filter)

The filters of Karcher wet and dry vacuum cleaners are often of HEPA quality. This is completely sufficient in most cases. However, for the finest hazardous substances, such as asbestos, special vacuum cleaners are really needed.

Kärcher likes to use paper cartridge filters. These are processed in such a way that when switching between dry vacuuming and wet vacuuming, no filter change is necessary in the meantime.

Power consumption

The suction power is of course an important criterion. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to determine. The so-called power consumption only shows the power consumption. This is shown in watts. The higher the wattage, the more power is consumed per unit of time.

A Karcher wet and dry vacuum cleaner can consume between 1000 and over 3000 watts. This means that the devices require significantly more energy than normal domestic hoovers. In the EU, the latter are only allowed to have a maximum power consumption of 900 watts.

High wattages are often used by dubious manufacturers as an enticement. However, they are by no means necessarily accompanied by a powerful suction, which in the worst case results in unnecessary electricity costs. Of course, this is not the case with Kärcher. The manufacturer is transparent and shows the air volume (in l/s) and the vacuum (in mbar/kPa) transparently.

Kärcher partly shows the AirWatt figure. This refers more to the actual performance. Even the inexpensive multi-purpose vacuum cleaners have 200 and more AirWatts here, which is very commendable.


Of course, you should also keep an eye on the safety aspect. Kärcher is generally very attentive here.

To reduce the risk of electric shocks, the manufacturer installs an anti-static system. You can also contribute to your own safety by wearing adequate (protective) clothing, such as sensible safety shoes.

Furthermore, the large containers sit in a tilting chassis. By guiding them, there is no danger of the container slipping off during emptying and causing accidents.

In addition, it may be possible to fix the castors. This allows you to work safely even on uneven surfaces.

Furthermore, an automatic shut-off can ensure that the container does not overflow.

The fact that the waste can be drained directly into an area/vessel of your choice via a small drain hose can ensure a high level of safety when handling hazardous liquids.


Volume can become an important factor. However, it is not quite as significant with wet and dry hoovers as it is, for example, with a domestic hoover. Often the devices are moved anyway in environments that are extensive and where it is also noisy due to other circumstances. Nevertheless, an excessively high noise level can have a negative impact on health and stress levels.

You can tell how loud or quiet the appliance is by looking at the sound level, which is again expressed in dB (decibels). Hoovers for use within your own four walls may only have a maximum sound level of 80 dB, so that hearing damage in adults can be ruled out.

A Karcher wet and dry vacuum cleaner often ranges between 72 and 75 dB. This is extremely quiet when you consider that 3 motors are sometimes installed and that they can call up more than 3000 watts.

Karcher wet and dry vacuum cleaner – Advantages & Disadvantages at a Glance

A wet & dry vacuum cleaner from Kärcher offers a wide range of advantages. Depending on the model, even hazardous substances such as asbestos and respirable fine dust can be safely picked up. In addition, some of the devices are extremely robust and therefore durable. Nevertheless, not every requirement can be met. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons, we have created an overview for you below:


  • Large selection for private, craftsmen, cleaning companies, fire brigades & bakers
  • Low-cost entry-level models are offered (WD series)
  • High-quality workmanship, designed for long durability
  • You can pick up dry, damp and wet at will
  • Output can be adjusted variably
  • Large capacities in the stainless steel container ensure that work does not have to be constantly interrupted
  • At least 2 swivel castors and usually 2 large rear wheels help you to manoeuvre the machine
  • You will quickly get to grips with the operation thanks to clear instructions
  • The power cable can be 10 metres long, giving you plenty of freedom of movement
  • Even the finest dusts, such as asbestos, can be completely removed
  • The unit is usually supplied with several attachments so that it can be used even more universally
  • Accessories can be stored on the unit for quick access at any time
  • Manufacturer pays attention to unconditional safety (container lock, anti-static system, etc.)
  • Despite high performance, the noise level is below 75 dB


  • Commercial equipment is often very expensive, which is why some businesses should think about leasing
  • The more powerful and robust the devices become, the more the comfort in terms of handling is naturally limited

Video: Review of the Karcher WD 3

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