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Makita Battery Hoover

The best 18V hoovers from Makita

The Japanese company Makita enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide. It is appreciated by numerous hand and do-it-yourselfers. Its trademark is, of course, the blue-coloured housing. The manufacturer’s range also includes robust hoovers. A Makita battery hoover is characterised by its light weight and flexible application possibilities. Since the devices are cordless, you can really use them anywhere.

Makita battery hoover
In the following, we will show you which Makita cordless vacuum cleaner is a good choice. You will also find out what you should consider when choosing one. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Makita battery hoover – These models are recommended

Makita DCL180ZB

18V Hoover DCL180

Makita’s battery hoovers can be particularly lightweight and easy to handle. Great handling is promised by the model Makita DCL180ZB .

This hoover weighs just 1.2 kg, which is why women and senior citizens can also expect energy-saving use. The telescopic tube can be adjusted in length. Therefore, a back-friendly posture can always be adopted. An 18-volt battery is provided for operation, but 14.4 volts will also work. If an 18-volt battery is used, continuous operation can last up to 20 minutes. This gives a reasonable area performance.

Furthermore, you can detach the upper part from the tube to get an even more compact hand vacuum. This can then be guided even more effortlessly. The crevice nozzle, which is also included in the scope of delivery, can be used as an attachment. With this you can also clean narrow crevices consistently. The waste ends up in a container that can be emptied without complications.

All in all, the DCL180ZB is a popular battery hoover from Makita. It is very handy and acts as a 2-in-1 combination device. With one handle, you can turn it into a compact hand hoover. A floor nozzle and a crevice nozzle are included in the scope of delivery. Customers are very satisfied with the handling and the suction power.

Makita DCL182ZB

Cordless vacuum DCL182

The Makita company can also be classified as innovative in the hoover segment. A good example in this context is the Makita DCL182ZB .

This cordless vacuum cleaner offers you the possibility to work with 2 different suction levels. This allows you to be gentle when necessary and saves energy at the same time. With an 18 V battery, you can expect a runtime of up to 40 minutes at level 1. This device can also act as a long handle hoover, which is why you can expect a solid area performance. In the powerful level 2, the runtime is up to 20 minutes. You will always be informed about the remaining capacity of the battery by a display.

The weight is 1.3 kg, which guarantees effortless handling. The scope of delivery includes a floor nozzle, a crevice nozzle and 5 paper filters. You can decide for yourself whether you want to store the waste in a paper or textile bag. Makita recommends using this cordless vacuum cleaner for upholstered furniture, stairs and workshops.

Overall, the DCL182ZB is a recommendable battery hoover from Makita. It can be used either with the long tube or as a compact version. Because 2 different suction levels can be used, handling is even more flexible. The 22 cm wide floor nozzle is designed for cleaning surfaces. With the crevice nozzle, you can also reach hard-to-reach areas. Customers are largely enthusiastic about this lightweight vacuum cleaner.

Makita DVC750LZX1

LXT Handheld Cleaner

High performance and an effective filter are required in trade and commercial work. A Makita battery hoover can also meet these requirements. A recommendation here is the Makita DVC750LZX1 .

This cordless vacuum cleaner can do just about everything. First of all, it has a tank capacity of an incredible 7.5 litres. You can also pick up liquids via the suction opening. A comfortable shoulder strap ensures a high level of comfort during operation. In addition, you can extend the hose variably – in a length between 0.5 and 2.5 metres. This means that any task can be carried out without complications.

Furthermore, 2 power levels are available here as well. The manufacturer reports a runtime of up to 60 minutes. This is an excellent value. A HEPA filter reliably picks up even small particles. The motor itself is protected against splash water and the like by Xtreme Protection Technology. It is also worth mentioning that this cordless vacuum cleaner can even be used as a blower.

In summary, the DVC750LZX1 is a high-quality battery hoover from Makita. It is also suitable for large tasks, as the capacities are sufficient for up to 60 minutes, depending on the 18 V battery. In addition, the tank holds 7.5 litres of waste. Other highlights are the hygienic HEPA filter and the possibility to use the device as a blower. The shoulder strap helps you carry it.

Makita battery hoover – What Generally Matters

Selection options & type

Makita offers 13 different cordless hoovers, all of which can be powered by one or two of the manufacturer’s lithium-ion batteries. In detail, the devices can be further divided into 3 different designs:

  • Hand-held hoover with tube (a rigid unit)
  • Floor hoovers with cyclone technology
  • Portable units with tube and hose (some can be strapped to the back)
  • Robot vacuum cleaners

Hand-held hoovers with a tube are the classic when it comes to cordless hoovers. They are particularly light and can be used universally for surface care as well as for spot cleaning. With Makita, you can remove the handle with a flick of the wrist and fall back on an even more compact version for small areas.

Cordless floor hoovers are pulled across the floor by means of a wheel mechanism, as you know it from the normal devices. At Makita, they are quite large and accordingly designed for commercial applications. The units also filter fine dust safely (class L).

Portable units are a great solution in the trades and generally for activities where you need to “make a quick run”. They can be used variably for both coarse and fine debris. This is ensured by the HEPA filter used.

Makita also offers a robot vacuum cleaner. However, this has not yet been able to assert itself on the market. It can, however, make sense in the commercial sector, because its area performance per pass is an unbelievable 500 m². However, with a height of 18 cm, the device is too bulky for the four walls at home.


In order to maintain different surfaces and areas, it is sometimes necessary to use several attachments. For this reason, Makita sometimes includes several attachments in the scope of delivery. Alternatively, it is no problem to purchase them separately.

A wide floor nozzle is the standard attachment. You can use it to clean larger areas quickly. The Makita nozzle is not adjustable and therefore works best on hard surfaces.

A crevice nozzle is also helpful. It is narrow at the front so that narrow crevices and joints can be vacuumed out perfectly.

An upholstery nozzle can also be included. Thanks to this, sofas, armchairs, beds and car seats can be carefully freed from dirt.

With Makita, it is no problem to change the tube curvature or to extend the hose with additional purchases. Many individual parts are offered.

Suction power

The suction power is of course extremely important. It determines whether the appliance can cope with the requirements on site. While cordless hoovers used to be quite weak per se, today they can also suck up coarse debris such as broken glass or stones.

Unfortunately, there is no single indicator for good suction power per se. A high wattage says little here. It rather defines the power consumption and is often used by some manufacturers as a lure. However, Stiftung Warentest and other magazines have recently shown that high wattages sometimes have nothing at all to do with suction power.

Sometimes, the so-called AirWatt figure is reported here. However, there is the problem that there is no standardised measuring method. The values depend largely on the attachment and its distance from the measuring device.

In principle, it is best to look at several facts in advance. A cordless vacuum cleaner is very likely to be efficient if the following circumstances are given:

  • Multiple statements from customers that the suction power is good
  • solid wattage
  • high speed
  • high-quality impeller
  • durable windings
  • air system that is not slowed down by the filter

A Makita battery hoover can generally be classified as powerful. The manufacturer is very transparent with its specifications and states, for example, the air volume (in m³/min) and the maximum negative pressure (in mbar).


Whether for private or commercial use – vacuuming is often not seen as a fun affair. It is therefore all the more important that manufacturers ensure that it is as comfortable as possible to use.

A Makita battery hoover can definitely score points in terms of comfort. Some of the company’s handheld hoovers weigh less than 1.5 kg. This means that they can also be used by women and senior citizens with little effort.

Because the devices are all cordless, you enjoy maximum freedom of movement anyway. You don’t have to go in search of a socket and can go directly to the place of your choice.

The telescopic tube can be adjusted in height (some of the tubes are also adjustable in length). This means that people of all heights can expect ergonomic handling. The risk of backache is reduced to a minimum.

Another praiseworthy feature is the capacity, which can be between 3 and 7.5 litres. The maintenance effort in this regard is thus kept within reasonable limits.


A look at the filter should be obligatory when dealing with polluting substances. The finer the particles, the more likely it is that they will only be stirred up and then re-enter the room.

To remove fine allergens, such as house dust mites and animal hair, a so-called HEPA filter is necessary. In the EU, this is subdivided into 3 different classes:

  • EPA filter (Efficient Particulate Air filter)
  • HEPA filter (High Efficiency Particulate Air filter)
  • ULPA filter (Ultra Low Penetration Air filter)

A Makita battery hoover can be equipped with different filter systems. A HEPA filter is common, so that allergy sufferers can breathe easy. Some of the manufacturer’s vacuum cleaners have the dust class L. These can then be used for slightly hazardous substances, such as dust from gypsum, lime and mica.

Energy consumption

A Makita battery hoover also needs energy in the form of electricity. As already mentioned, it draws this from one or two lithium-ion batteries (manufacturer recommends using 18V). These are generally considered to be extremely durable and also weigh relatively little.

In general, efficient hoovers should always be your first choice. They not only save you money on running costs, but also protect the environment. Unfortunately, the energy efficiency class label is no longer mandatory in this segment. Consumption is therefore determined by looking at the power consumption, which is shown in watts.

In practice, Makita’s cordless vacuum cleaners sometimes consume less than 100 watts of electricity, although a high suction power and a powerful vacuum can be provided. That is exceptionally low. In general, cordless vacuum cleaners are often more economical than devices that are powered directly from the mains.


The volume can become a significant factor in everyday life. You can tell how loud it is by the sound level, which is expressed in dB (decibels). The louder the device, the more strain it puts on your hearing and health. In addition, other people can be impaired during mental work, conversation and relaxation.

Although a Makita battery hoover is increasingly used in commercial applications, it is surprisingly quiet. The devices often range between 70 and 72 dB. The majority of other cordless vacuum cleaners definitely cannot keep up with such values. In the market environment, 76-79 dB is more common.

For private use, only hoovers up to 80 dB are permitted in Europe. However, this does not apply to commercial use, which is why some Makita models are over 80 dB. If this is the case, hearing protection should be worn.

Makita 18V hoover – It offers many advantages

Makita cordless vacuum cleaners definitely have many advantages to offer. First and foremost, of course, is the cordless convenience, which gives you virtually unlimited freedom of movement. In addition, the capacities/running times are often clearly superior to those of other manufacturers. Nevertheless, not every demand can be met. So that you can comfortably weigh up the pros and cons, we have created a table for you below:


  • Probate choice of different designs (hoover with cyclone technology, hand hoover, backpack hoover, vacuum robot)
  • High-quality workmanship, which is definitely designed for long durability
  • Low weight of mostly less than 2 kg and well-designed carrying device ensure low effort
  • Because there is no cable, you can immediately reach any place with pinpoint accuracy
  • Makita’s rechargeable batteries are very powerful and sometimes allow continuous operation for over 2 hours
  • HEPA filter successfully traps even fine allergens such as concrete dust, pollen, animal hair and mites
  • The height of the suction tube can be adjusted, so that back-friendly handling can be guaranteed
  • Dust volume sometimes exceeds 7 litres
  • Sometimes the suction power can be adjusted in several stages
  • Some models can also be used variably as a blower
  • With a noise level of around 70 dB, Makita cordless vacuum cleaners are record-breakingly quiet


  • High purchase price, which is however justified
  • Battery and charger often have to be purchased separately (helps people who are already supplied in this respect)

Video: Review of the Makita DCL180 18V LXT hoover

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