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Solar Pond Pump

The best Solar powered Pond Pumps

Pond pumps are an indispensable aid in pond maintenance and design. They circulate the water and thus distribute oxygen in all areas. Moreover, additional oxygen is created, which prevents the pond from silting up and ensures clear water. A Solar Pond Pump is the first choice if you want to save on electricity costs. It draws its energy naturally from the sun, but can also work on cloudy days. The latter can be ensured with 1-2 rechargeable batteries.

Solar Pond Pump

We will show you below which pond pump with a solar panel is suitable for you. You will also find out what you should bear in mind in this context. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Solar Pond Pump – 3 models in the presentation

Esotec 101920 Solar Pond Pump 5 Watt

Feature Pump buy

The company Esotec comes from the Palatinate and has been offering high-quality solar and LED articles for almost 20 years. If necessary, you can contact customer service on weekdays in writing or by phone. The Esotec 101920 is a recommendable pond pump with solar module and battery. It pumps 160 litres/hour and is therefore suitable for small fountains and smallest ponds. In its mode of operation, it serves primarily as a sprinkler system. In addition, an LED ring can be switched on in the dark. For the device to work, it must be placed at a maximum depth of 50 cm.

The scope of delivery already includes all individual parts to put the unit into operation directly. This is quick and uncomplicated. If necessary, the German operating instructions can be consulted at any time. The solar module is only 25 cm wide, which is why it fits well even in confined spaces. It generates a power consumption of 5 watts, which is harmless to humans. Thanks to the weight of 750 g and the ground spike, the panel cannot be knocked over by the wind.

The electricity produced can be stored in a 1.5 Ah battery. This subsequently unfolds its potential in the evening hours and on cloudy days. Accordingly, the sprinkler nozzles and the LED ring can also work when there is no sunlight. Especially in summer, the fountain is helpful to bring additional fresh oxygen into the water. Furthermore, the pump is equipped with an overload protection so that it cannot be damaged by strong sunlight.

All in all, the Esotec 101920 is a recommendable pond pump with solar panel and battery. It is primarily suitable for visually enhancing small fountains and ponds. A water feature circulates the water and produces additional oxygen. The LED ring glows very persistently in the dark because it can draw on the energy of the integrated rechargeable battery. The water fountains are illuminated by it and provided with a colourful play. Customers are convinced by the water feature. A single jet can reach a height of over 50 cm. All jets, when switched together, reach a height of approx 20 cm.

MVPower Solar Pump 5 Watt

Solar Powered Fountain Pump

MVPower products come from Asia and are considered cheap. With the MVPower Solar Pump  is an inexpensive pond pump with solar power. It is also designed for small areas, such as fountains, water bowls and the like. It does not have an integrated filter function, so you have to keep the water clean by other means. Otherwise the pump will clog. In addition, there is no rechargeable battery, which is why the system only works in direct sunlight.

The pump can deliver water from a maximum depth of 60 cm. In strong sunlight, it commendably pumps 500 litres/hour and creates a water feature that is also 60 cm high. That is definitely very respectable. Since the pump is not even 5 cm wide in diameter, it always finds a place even between water plants. To prevent it from tipping over, there are 4 practical suction cups on the underside.

The sun panel has a base and therefore does not have to be stuck into the ground. However, this circumstance makes the construction somewhat more susceptible to wind and unintentional impacts. In this context, it is also important to note that the panel must not be more than 3 metres away from the pump, as this is exactly the length of the connection cable.

In summary, the MVPower water pump is an inexpensive pond pump with solar. It is quick to start up and takes up very little space overall. Although it is very cheap, it can pump quite a lot of water and therefore create great sprinkler effects. A disadvantage, however, is the fact that this is only possible if there is a reasonable amount of sunlight. In addition, you must be aware that although it circulates the water, it does not achieve a real filter effect. There are also no elements for this, which is why you still need an external device for this purpose (bird baths and mini fountains are an exception).

Esotec 101960 Solar-Kit 50 Watt

Battery Backup

If you have a stream near your pond and are allowed to make use of it, you can count on countless advantages. This water is very clean and clear. Even sensitive fish, such as char, can live in it. In order to pump the flowing water, however, you need a powerful solar pump. The model 101960 from Esotec is a high-quality pond pump for streams.

Its solar module is 67 cm wide and can generate a powerful output of up to 50 watts. It is securely anchored in the ground by means of a ground spike. It is connected to the pump, which is placed in the stream, via a 5-metre hose. The pump has a delivery height of 2 metres and delivers up to 2500 litres of water per hour. With its help you can supply a fish pond with cold and oxygen-rich water even in a hot summer.

The pump’s own weight of just over 3 kg ensures that it cannot be washed away. If you want to use a longer hose, models with a diameter of 25, 32 and 38 mm are available. The input voltage of 17 volts is pleasantly high. Since it is direct current, it is harmless to fish.

 Overall, the Esotec 101960 is a high-quality pond pump with solar panel. It is very powerful and can therefore also take on flowing water. With its help, you can circulate the water vigorously and supply all layers with oxygen. Algae and co. have no chance of forming deposits. With a cool stream, you can even ensure that salmonids survive in the pond during the summer months. However, because the device does not have a rechargeable battery, it is only designed for direct operation. If there is no sunlight, it will not work.

Solar Pond Pump – What to look for when choosing a pump


To begin with, you need to be clear about the purpose for which the pump is to be used. A solar pond pump can be used for water features (fountain effect), night-time LED lighting or to oxygenate the water.

Which model you choose depends primarily on the size of your pond. The larger your pond, the more powerful the device should be. From a filling volume of 5,000 litres, it is advisable to additionally use a filter medium driven by electricity.

Flow rate

The flow rate shows you how strongly the water is circulated. It is given either in m³/hour or in litres/hour. It must be matched to the filling volume of the pond.

With classic filter systems, a complete circulation of 1-2 cycles per day is recommended. If the solar pump delivers 500 litres per hour and your pond holds 4,000 litres, it should be able to run for at least 4 hours a day. Because longer running times do not produce additional energy costs, this only has advantages and can further improve the results.

Delivery head

It is also important to specify the delivery head. Since you should place a filter pump at the lowest point of the pond, it can happen that it is too weak to move the water upwards. Then, of course, the purchase was in vain.

To prevent this from happening to you, the manufacturers specify the maximum delivery height. Because solar pumps are not primarily used for filtering, they can and should be placed in shallow water. The delivery height is often only between 0.5 and 1.5 metres anyway, which is why you have no other choice.

As far as the construction is concerned, water delivery is best in full sunlight, of course. However, since this is not always available, you should of course include a buffer. If your solar pump is designed for depths of up to 0.7 m, for example, it will definitely work reliably in a shallow water area of around 50 cm.

Power consumption

The power consumption provides information about the power potential of the pump. It is given in watts and also defines the power consumption.

The larger your pond, the higher the power consumption should be. Solar pumps tend to be rather weak, which is why you can consider an additional power source from the mains cable for larger ponds.

A power consumption of 5 watts is the absolute minimum. Such models can be used in fountains and smallest ponds. For larger and deep ponds, the power must be significantly higher.

Compared to sand filter systems and the like, pond pumps with solar power are naturally quite weak. This also shows that they should not be regarded as the sole source of purification in any swimming or fish pond.

In connection with a solar panel, you should also pay attention to the input voltage. This is given in volts. The larger your pond, the higher this value should be. Otherwise, not enough electricity can be provided for the fountain effect, lighting or similar. If an additional battery is installed, it will be charged on sunny days and used by the system as an energy source on cloudy days.

Dimensions & weight

It may also be worth taking a look at the dimensions and weight. The solar panel, which is placed on land, takes up the most space. Larger versions are over half a metre wide. With the size of the surface, of course, the absorption potential also increases. If the corners are covered with plastic, the panel is quite well protected from impacts, which should of course still be avoided.

The solar pump does not need much space in the water. It is placed on a flat surface. In order for it to work in the best possible way, part of it still has to look out of the water. In this context, it is therefore worth paying attention to the height and weighing it against your water depth.

Because solar pumps are lightweight, there is a risk that they will tip over. If this happens, they will probably no longer work properly. Therefore, you may want to secure them additionally. Suction cups can be a solution in this regard. As already mentioned, they should not be placed on a slope. The wider the surface, the safer the stand.


Of course, the price also has an influence on the search for a solar pond pump. Unfortunately, good quality is often not on offer, which is why you should definitely be prepared to invest a little more. The mantra applies here: if you buy cheap, you buy twice.

Depending on the requirements and the size of the pond, a solar pump can be purchased for as little as 20 Pounds. However, such models are only designed for the smallest fountains and the simplest tasks. If you are looking for a long-lasting and powerful solution, you should plan a budget between 80 and 300 Pounds.

Solar Pond Pump – Not always the right choice

With the help of a pond pump with solar and filter, you can maintain your pond ecologically as well as sustainably. However, it must be said quite clearly that such pumps primarily enhance the appearance of the pond. They are often used in combination with water features or illuminated elements.

If you are looking for good filter performance, you are in the wrong place. The devices often only have a filter capacity of between 5 and 10 watts. Sometimes no filter element is integrated at all. Even this output is sufficient to enrich the water with oxygen. However, this is only sufficient for a water volume of between 2000 and 4000 litres. Coarse dirt cannot be removed with such a model.

If you keep fish or have a larger pond, you should definitely also use a powerful solar pond pump with filter, which is primarily responsible for filtering the debris. This is the only way to ensure that the pond remains clean and habitable for the fish.

A high-quality pond pump with solar should offer you this:

  • Can be used without external power cables and other connections
  • Large-area panel that can be easily and flexibly aligned
  • System must be stable so that bad weather conditions cannot influence it
  • Additional battery ensures that energy is also available at night and on cloudy days (the more ampere hours, the more energy is stored)
  • A good solar pond pump brings an annual saving of 60-120 Pounds in terms of energy costs

Video: Solar Pond Pump in Action

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