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Bosch pressure washer

The best high pressure cleaners from Bosch

The Bosch company manufactures a wide range of household appliances and is held in high esteem around the world. The traditional German company also has proven expertise in the field of high-pressure cleaners. A Bosch high pressure washer is characterised by high-quality workmanship and reliable functionality. The manufacturer offers classic devices with a wheel and power cable, compact models with a stand, as well as devices with a rechargeable battery for mobile use.

Bosch pressure washer

In the following, we will show you which Bosch high-pressure cleaner is recommended. You will also find out what you should consider when choosing one. We hope to be able to help you with this guide.

Bosch pressure washer – 3 models in the presentation

Bosch AdvancedAquatak 140

AdvancedAquatak 140

Bosch offers very powerful high-pressure washers that nevertheless promise a high level of operating comfort. One recommendation in this context is the Bosch AdvancedAquatak 140 .

The surface cleaner can generate a pressure of up to 140 bar. This is also sufficient for dissolving stubborn dirt, such as lichen. If necessary, you can also mount a 550 ml detergent tank on the nozzle to proceed even more aggressively. Several attachments are included so that nothing stands in the way of universal applications. Because it can pump 450 litres per hour, you can make rapid progress even with large projects.

Although the high-pressure cleaner is powerful, it weighs only 18 kg. The large rear wheels and the extendable telescopic handle help you to manoeuvre. In addition, it has an operating radius of 13 metres, which is why the power socket does not necessarily have to be close to the place of use.

All in all, the AdvancedAquatak 140 is a high-quality pressure washer from Bosch. It is powerful and also well suited for large tasks. Among other things, the height-adjustable telescopic handle and the 8-metre hose ensure a high level of comfort. Thanks to the comprehensive accessories, there are hardly any limits to the possibilities. Therefore, it is not surprising that customers are very satisfied.

Bosch EasyAquatak 120

EasyAquatak 120 Review

A large surface area or an extremely powerful water jet is not always necessary. If you make a few concessions in these areas, the result is particularly pleasant comfort. This is promised by the Bosch EasyAquatak 120 .

This high-pressure washer weighs only 4.5 kg. Accordingly, it can also be carried effortlessly by women and senior citizens. There is no need for wheels. Instead, it stands on a wide base. The device is primarily suitable for small and medium-sized maintenance work. You can easily carry it up stairs via the ergonomic handle. The lance and the cable can be securely fastened to the housing.

In operation, the patio cleaner calls up to 120 bar. At 1500 watts, the power consumption is still moderate. Nevertheless, it can still pump a respectable 350 litres of water per hour. Three different attachments are included: a spot-jet nozzle, a high-pressure foam nozzle and a flat-jet nozzle. Furthermore, the length of the power cable and the hose results in an action radius of 10 metres.

Overall, the EasyAquatak 120 is an extremely popular high-pressure washer from Bosch. It is very compact and easy to transport. The ideal areas of use are the elimination of spot problems and the maintenance of smaller patios and other surfaces. Although the device is so space-saving and lightweight, a pressure of 120 bar can be unleashed. Customers are convinced by the price/performance ratio.

Bosch Fontus

Best Power Jet Cleaner

In general, the Bosch company also stands for great innovations. In the field of high-pressure washers, no exception is made. A very special model is the Bosch Fontus .

This is a so-called battery-powered high-pressure cleaner. Since the device is not tied to a cable, you enjoy maximum freedom of movement. You can directly control every area as desired. Of course, this is especially practical if there is no power socket nearby anyway. That’s exactly when the Fontus is the only alternative. Moreover, it does not need an active water supply, but works with a 15-litre tank.

The included 18V battery is removable, so you can increase the range with additional batteries. When the tank is full, the Fontus still weighs less than 25 kg. Various brush and spray attachments are available. It should be clear to everyone that the performance is not comparable with the operation of a mains cleaner. You can vary the pressure between 1 and 12 bar. As a result, this battery-powered high-pressure cleaner is only suitable for light dirt.

In summary, the Fontus outdoor cleaner is an innovative battery-powered high-pressure washer from Bosch. It needs neither an active connection to the mains nor to the water tap. Accordingly, it can even be used in remote areas when camping. In terms of water pressure, however, some compromises have to be made. Its adjustability and the comprehensive accessories are praiseworthy. The latter can be stowed on the unit. Because the 18-volt battery is replaceable, you can extend the operating time as desired. In addition, the 15-litre water tank has a practical fill level indicator on the outside.

Bosch pressure washer – What you should generally look out for

Selection options & design

Currently, Bosch offers 10 different pressure washers for private use (Home & Garden) and 8 pressure washers for professional use (Bosch Professional). These can be further divided into 5 different classes:

  • EasyAquatak
  • UniversalAquatak
  • AdvancedAquatak
  • Battery washer Fontus
  • Professional GHP series

The EasyAquatak units have a stand and are quite compact and lightweight, which makes them ideal for selective measures.

The UniversalAquatak units can be used flexibly around the house and garden. They are relatively inexpensive and have a classic wheel mechanism.

The AdvancedAquatak series represents the most powerful high-pressure washer for private use. The devices are thus able to cope with extensive work as well as stubborn dirt.

If you want to be particularly mobile, the Fontus is for you. It is powered by an 18V rechargeable battery, which is why no active power connection is required. This means that the washer can also be used in remote areas in the garden or in nature.

If you have high demands, the GHP high-pressure washer in blue cladding are probably the right choice. Here, Bosch relies on particularly durable components and a consistently powerful motor.

Water pressure

Water pressure plays an important role. It must match the conditions on site. Otherwise, frustration is virtually pre-programmed. The pressure is given in bar. The more stubborn the debris, the more water pressure is required. A high capacity is absolutely essential for tree sap, lichen and old gum, for example.

A Bosch pressure washer usually has a value between 80 and 185 bar. Accordingly, the devices can be used in an extremely wide range of applications. Even more pressure can be generated by high-pressure cleaners with petrol engines – which are then already life-threatening for humans. However, Bosch does not offer such devices.

One exception is the Fontus battery washer. It operates at between 1 and 12 bar, which means it is only intended for simple dirt such as sand or mud. For comparison: a garden hose has a pressure of about 3-4 bar.

Area coverage

The area coverage is also important. The higher it is, the faster you move forward. Depending on the area of use, however, a high area output is not absolutely necessary. A promising indicator is the amount of water that can be pumped.

A Bosch high pressure washer can deliver over 500 litres of water per hour. In this case, even extensive house facades and large terraces can be cleaned in a comfortable period of time. For selective measures, such as cleaning a bicycle, values of less than 300 litres/hour are sufficient.


Very few people find pleasure in carrying out cleaning tasks. Therefore, it is all the more important that every supplier feels obliged to provide the user with the maximum comfort of use.

First and foremost, a light weight contributes to effortless handling. Even the powerful Bosch high pressure washers often weigh less than 30 kg. However, women and elderly people should opt for a model weighing around 10 kg, because they can probably still carry it over a certain distance using the handle.

Sometimes the handle is height-adjustable. This means that people of all sizes and in all situations can expect ergonomic comfort. Large and smooth-running castors also help when moving larger models.

The action radius is significantly influenced by the length of the hose and the power cable. In the case of Bosch, both are 13 metres long as standard, which means you can move around flexibly. Of course, the Fontus battery-powered high-pressure cleaner allows unrestricted freedom of movement, thanks to which you can really go directly to any place you want.

Another convenient feature is the fact that you can adjust the pressure variably. This allows you to treat both sensitive and resistant surfaces without complications. This option is also great for testing and getting to know the device.

In addition, a Bosch pressure washer often comes with several lances and nozzles. This allows you to react adequately to any problem. Sometimes the accessories can be stored directly on the appliance so that they are always ready to hand.

Cleaning agents

High-pressure washers are an environmentally friendly cleaning device because they actually only need to use water. You can choose to add cold tap water or warm water up to approx. 40 °C to most Bosch high-pressure washers. The latter can improve the effectiveness even more. Proper hot water pressure washers are even more expensive.

Another option is to use chemicals. These are filled into a separate tank and mixed with the water. This has a particularly intensive effect on the surface. However, you should think about whether the application is really necessary. If used incorrectly, both the object being sprayed and the environment will be damaged.

Energy consumption

Efficiency should also play a role in your choice. Even a Bosch high-pressure washer needs energy in the form of electricity. You can see how much power it consumes by looking at the power consumption, which in turn is expressed in watts. The lower the wattage, the less electricity is consumed per unit of time. However, you should not go for low wattages per se. For a high and constant water pressure, a suitable wattage is necessary.

Most Bosch pressure washers consume between 1500 and 2600 watts. That sounds a lot and exceeds the power consumption of many kitchen and household appliances. However, when you consider the powerful water jet, the ratio is often justified.

The Fontus battery-powered high-pressure cleaner consumes only 45 watts. This is generally due to its mode of operation. If the wattage were as high as in mains operation, the battery would be constantly empty anyway.


Of course, the price always has a certain influence on the decision. It should always be in a fair ratio to your own requirements. If this is not the case, there is a greater potential for disappointment. Especially for high performance and comprehensive area coverage, a higher budget must be planned.

A Bosch high-pressure washer is in the mid-price segment. The devices have robust components and a proven performance. The manufacturer’s RRP ranges between 90 and 500 Pounds, depending on the model. The current top model, the AdvancedAquatak 160, is sometimes available for less than 400 Pounds.

Bosch high pressure washer – advantages & disadvantages at a glance

Bosch high-pressure washer offer many advantages. You have a good choice of all different designs, sizes and power levels. What all devices have in common is that they promise a high level of operating comfort and are consistently functional. Nevertheless, not every demand can be met. So that you can quickly weigh up the pros and cons, we have provided you with an overview below:


  • Probate selection options for different requirements and application spectrums
  • Fair price/performance ratio
  • Visually appealing design
  • High-quality workmanship designed for durability (brass pump can be fitted, among other things)
  • Output of up to 185 bar makes it easy to loosen even stubborn debris
  • Large surface area possible, which means that terraces and facades can also be cleaned quickly
  • Hose and cable are long enough to ensure a comfortable working radius
  • Moderate weight, telescopic handle and smooth-running wheels ensure effortless manoeuvring
  • Sometimes you can move completely freely thanks to battery operation
  • Different types of jets and a wide range of accessories guarantee universal application possibilities
  • Comprehensive service that is quickly accessible and leaves nothing to be desired


  • There are no devices with petrol engine
  • Even professional models are only designed for water temperatures up to a maximum of 50 °C

Video: Bosch EasyAquatak 120 in practice

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