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Hoover for children

The best hoovers for kids

Children are fundamentally curious and can sometimes be interested in unusual things. One of these things is vacuuming. If your offspring is interested in vacuuming, you can certainly inspire him or her with a hoover for children. Children’s hoovers are lightweight and optimally adapted to their physical conditions. Depending on their age, children’s hoovers are available with or without a suction function.

Hoover for children

In the following, we will show you which hoovers are suitable for kids. You will also find out what you should bear in mind in this context. We hope that this guide will help you make your decision.

Hoover for children – 3 models in the presentation

Casdon Dyson

Dyson for kids

The British company Dyson is considered a great innovator in the report of hoovers. The appropriate toy in this context is the American manufacturer Casdon. The Dyson V8 Absolute is a handsome hoover for children. It is modelled on the cordless original and also has no hose.

Because there is no hose, the safety is even higher. There is no possibility of accidental strangulation or the like. Inside, the vortex technology is imitated with rotating beads. In total, the device weighs only 998 g, which is why even small children can use it effortlessly.

As with the original, you can detach the hand part from the long handle and convert the device into a hand hoover. Both the short nozzle and the floor nozzle can suck up small particles. Before you can do this, however, you have to insert 3 AA batteries into the housing. This vacuum cleaner is also suitable for children from the age of 36 months.

Overall, the Casdon Dyson Cordless is a great children’s hoover. It has a high-quality finish and can be used both with the long handle and as a hand vacuum. Due to the suction, it can fascinate children for hours. At the push of a button, a suction sound is heard. It looks almost 1:1 like the real Dyson vacuum cleaner, which is why customers are very satisfied. Of course, the suction strength can only cope with paper shreds and polyester balls or similar.

Theo Klein Bosch

Theo Klein Bosch

The German family business Theo Klein cooperates with numerous renowned brands. One of these brands is the Bosch company. The Bosch Theo Klein  is a popular hoover for children. It has the classic design and is cheerfully coloured in red. It is delivered with a German manual, which also includes tips for safe handling.

The vacuum’s own weight is a moderate 1.2 kg. Because the wheels are smooth-running, it is easy to pull. The manufacturer recommends it for children aged 3 to 12.

The look is modelled on the Ergomaxx Professional from Bosch. The housing is well made and has no sharp edges or corners. A fake cable peeks out at the back, which of course cannot be used.

Furthermore, this vacuum cleaner can be fitted with 3 C batteries. It can then emit sounds and sucks in small particles. Small polystyrene balls are included for this purpose. You can also suck in small pieces of paper.

All in all, the Theo Klein Bosch Ergomaxx is a popular hoover for children for a reason. It is safely manufactured and comfortable to use. With 3 batteries, it can suck up light particles, such as the polystyrene balls included in the scope of delivery. Of course, this gives a child a lot of pleasure. However, some customers are not satisfied with the durability. At some point, individual plastic parts, such as the hose, come loose.

Vileda Steam broom wagon

Vacuum Cleaner that works

The Theo Klein company is also a licensed partner of the German brand Vileda, which belongs to the Freudenberg KG company. The Vileda hoover with broom trolley is a recommendable hoover for children.

The appliance comes with a wide range of accessories so that children can discover a lot. The broom trolley includes a hand brush, 2 additional sweepers and a bucket. Although there are many accessories, the set is easy to set up.

The vacuum cleaner also has a weak suction function. For this purpose, 2 D batteries must be inserted. The matching pellets are included in the scope of delivery, which can be distributed in the rooms. The manufacturer recommends the use of the set for children from the age of 3.

In summary, the Theo Klein Vileda hoover is a universal hoover for children. Thanks to the broom trolley, there are numerous possibilities to keep busy. The vacuum cleaner can suck up the enclosed pellets and paper shreds via 2 D batteries. You can also buy an ironing board and a drying rack.

Hoovers for children – What to look for when choosing one

With or without suction function

Children’s hoovers can either be complete dummies or actually have a suction function like the original. In this case, however, the suction function is quite weak because the power source is not mains electricity. They are often powered by 3 to 4 C or D batteries.

Because the batteries have a much lower power potential, a hoover for children can at most suck up small pieces of paper and light rubbish. The rubbish is collected in a bag, just like with a normal hoover. Because these devices imitate the functionality of real vacuum cleaners best, they are favoured by small children. However, to ensure that nothing goes wrong during play, such models are only recommended for children aged 3-4 years and older.

Children’s hoovers without a suction function only imitate the functionality through acoustic effects. They are particularly harmless and are therefore suitable for children as young as 2 years. Sometimes a voice is programmed into the device that praises the child for its diligence in the household or advises it to move to certain areas. In addition, there are sometimes rattling beads in the filter container that add to the fun.


When it comes to toys for children, safety naturally comes first. The use of batteries guarantees a low suction power. The child can hold its hand in front of the opening without being confronted with any danger.

The fact that no mains cable may be used is not only related to the power. There should be no possibility of the child coming into contact with the electric circuit at any time. In connection with batteries, this can be prevented much better.

After inserting the batteries, you should make sure that the corresponding flap is closed properly. Afterwards, it can only be opened with a screwdriver, which is why children cannot reach the batteries.

Furthermore, the plastics should be resistant. If they smell extremely pungent, this is a bad sign. Unhealthy softeners may be involved.

Weight & design

The design of the teat should be as close as possible to the real model. Of course, a smaller scale has to be applied. A child will only have fun with the teat if it is comfortable to use. A light weight is the most important prerequisite for this. That is why many toy teats weigh between 800 and 1300 g.

An adjustable handle can provide a particularly high level of comfort. Parents can then adjust the handle perfectly to the size of the child, so that playing can take place in an ergonomic posture.

In terms of design, it is a good idea to use impressive colours as well as stickers. These can promote the child’s fascination.

Before the first use, it is advisable to look for sharp edges. Of course, these should not be present and thus not be detectable.

Range of functions

As with a real appliance, a hoover for children may be equipped with an on/off switch.

As already mentioned, models with a weak suction function are suitable for children between 4 and 8 years. These cannot really pick up dirt, but rather small pieces of paper as well as some dust. The rubbish is collected in a bag, which can also be removed.

There are some additional functions for small children. For example, coloured beads are sometimes swirled up in the housing. Sucking sounds can also be produced artificially.

Some devices also have an LED face. Depending on how you behave, the eyes open or a mouth smiles, for example.

Some vacuum cleaners also speak and tell you, for example, if and where something has been overlooked. Often, praise is also given for helping around the house. Some models can also make child-friendly jokes.


A hoover for children is relatively inexpensive. This is of course because it does not have to match the functionality of a real hoover. The price range is between 10 and 50 Pounds.

High-priced devices can convince with extensive accessories, such as a broom trolley. The more functions you expect, the more you should invest in the purchase. In addition, the aspect of safety can suffer under a very low price.

Hoover for kids – Which suppliers are there?

The German family-owned company Theo Klein is a supplier of hoovers for children. The company offers its own brands as well as renowned third-party brands in this area. For example, it has had a corresponding licence with Bosch for over 20 years. Other partners are the companies Miele, Electrolux and Vileda (outside of hoovers also Braun, Villeroy & Boch, Weber and WMF).

Furthermore, the US company Casdon offers original children’s hoovers from the Dyson company. This is also a family-run company that has been in existence for 65 years.

The suppliers have these special features to offer:

Theo Klein

  • Very realistic products
  • Partner of numerous quality brands
  • 50% of the production takes place in Germany
  • High level of safety due to regular repeat tests, ICTI certificate (fair working conditions abroad) and EN71 certificate


  • Sometimes produces talking hoovers
  • Innovative and varied Dyson brand vacuums on offer
  • Vacuum can ensure sounds and effects


  • Supplies children’s hoovers with comprehensive accessories
  • Some models also have a voice function
  • Toys sometimes also suitable for 2-year-olds

Video: Dyson V8 for kids in practice

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